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  1. I listed a R32 GTR - "One member on this forum quoted 654mm and 622mm" GTS-4 uses the same CV's as a GTR. Not looking for 30 year old used. Numbers I listed above are all readily available new aftermarket and new OEM. A set of DSS axles is $2,800 + shipping + Tax. That's $4,200 AUD - I'm not making 1,000hp and that's stupid amount of money to fix one CV that was only $600 new OEM a year or two ago.
  2. My right side rear Hal-Shaft / CV / Axle is buggered up and needs replacement. However, OEM parts are now discontinued and I'm unaware of any aftermarket / remain units. Worse yet, I'm located in the States. I can't find specs either on OEM length. One member on this forum quoted 654mm and 622mm - didn't know which side and I'm not sure if they measured compressed (Post from 10 years ago). Here's what I've cross referenced with the Nissan 32-spline + 6x1 flange. spline compressed mm side model 32 26 660 right 300zx tt 32 23.86 606 left 300zx tt 32 24.33 618 left 370z 32 26.3 668 right 370z 32 25.04 636 left q45 32 27.09 688 right q45
  3. If DENSO makes the part then it's the OEM Toyota part - so buying it from a Toyota dealer is just a DENSO part in a Toyota box with mark up. Any reason people are not running R35 Coils? They are generally considered best on the market and only cost $60/ea. Yaris DENSO 6731306 - $52/ea R35 Hitachi IGC0079 - $61/ea PRP has a breakdown of the two coils in comparison. https://platinumracingproducts.com/pages/r35-coil-vs-yaris-coil-debate
  4. Don't hack up the 26-parts, you can sell the sump, diff and trans for a pretty penny. Neo RB25 5spds are still available new and you can always grab a used RB25 Trans. They also make adapter plates to run a modified CD09 out of a Z33/Z34 and you can get bellhousings for the T-56 / Magnum.
  5. Then just leave the car alone until you can afford to do it correctly.
  6. Best bet is just to machine new ones from scratch or find a junk head with cam-caps. I don't believe the caps where ever available separate and it's not something people part out. It's less costly just to buy a whole new head then to find used caps and used head and try and match. Then you have to worry about clearance issues based on how much material needed to be removed. Used Neo-Head on eBay for $800. The RB26 Head was available for $900 for a while but is back to Discontinued. New ones are still floating around for $3-4k. 11040-05U00
  7. Any other Nissan axles swap into the rear of a 1x5 R32? Boots are old and cracking, looks like Megan makes boots for S13's and S14's.
  8. No idea how things have changed but about 7 years ago a friend bought the "Freddy" manifold for his RB25. He ended up having to do a lot of clean up and porting with a dremal, buying fittings for the water lines and the head ports didn't quite match up either. Ultimately he got it on the car and it likely worked as well as a Greddy however he said he it was a POS and would never do that again.
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