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  1. If you are doing this type of thing on a regular basis I'd suggest that you invest in a couple of dial indicators and make a jig like this, it will give you the most accurate and repeatable results. Cheap dial indicators are available for as little as $35 these days so for a total investment of ~$100 and a couple of hours you will be able to create a measurement device that you will doubtless use on countless occasions in future.
  2. I purchased one last year and have put it into my new engine, but I haven't started it yet. Well made and the clearances were perfect, so in theory it should be a good thing.
  3. Komdotkom

    I got my kit last week, simple to fit and very nicely made. Certainly a much better option than bespoke jap units, I got a brand new Bosch 140a delivered for $223.
  4. Be very very careful with the PWR radiator and 'stray current' issues. They have a fairly poor reputation when it comes to warranty replacements. Another good option is Race Radiators in Melbourne if you are looking for a custom setup, they just made me a three core twin pass unit with swirl pot. It was about $900 including the pot.
  5. Komdotkom

    Great build mate, the dog box must be a steep learning curve! After having the MCA reds in for a while, what's your overall impression of them?
  6. Komdotkom

    Any news on this? I'm keen to hear if you have managed to pick up any hidden hp with the altered trigger. I'm still hoping that there's a way to get the IWG EFR's to make decent numbers.
  7. Komdotkom

    Thanks Trent, currently looking at alternatives.....
  8. Komdotkom

    I hope that's not true since I asked Kristian directly prior to purchase if they were genuine....
  9. Komdotkom

    I have the cam side (complete) if you are looking for it and I think a mate has the crank bracket. If you are keen send me a PM
  10. Komdotkom

    For f**ks sake, I've just put Yaris coils on mine that I purchased from Goleby's. The didn't come in OEM Toyota boxes so now I suspect that they'll be fakes. What dwell times are you using Trent?
  11. Komdotkom

    I'm also interested pending pics, drawings and material spec.
  12. Komdotkom

    I just put a set of Kelfords in mine, let me know if you want a set of HKS 256/264 cheap.
  13. Komdotkom

    Have a look at the MRM Racing forum that's hosted in Scandinavia somewhere, they have heaps of great info and a very helpful and active community. Autronic's are fine once you get your head around the program, they just lack a lot of the more modern functions like Flex and and not needing a laptop from the dark ages. I ran one on a race car for years without any issues.
  14. Komdotkom

    3.9's are hard to get, in Australia your best bet will be to get a set from a Z31 at the wreckers although they are not in all year models. 3.7 is quite common though and that's in the majority of Z31's which were delivered to Australia. If you don't mind mucking around the older Z cars have 3.7 and 3.54 but you'll need to make spacers for the diff centre as the bolts are 1mm smaller. This isn't an issue from a strength point of view but it's a bit of mucking around to make it work.
  15. Komdotkom

    Yes, the ecu still needs to know where the camshafts are up to but the crank trigger keeps your fuel and spark events on time in relation to the piston location. It'd be work looking at whether Nistune can run a crank trigger though. I'm assuming you don't still have the AFM? That's just more aids you need to banish!