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  1. A billet crank won't make any difference unless you are going for larger journals and wider big ends to provide a greater surface area. You could just buy a 2JZ....
  2. It's about piston speed, your RB30 crank at 9k rpm has 17% more piston speed and load due to the increased stroke. Granted this is helped somewhat by a superior rod angle and ratio from the taller block, but you are still putting the additional load through a bearing with the same surface area. Use RB30, more boost, less RPM
  3. Kelford also do a split duration camshaft which although not a traditional PolyQuad (yes this is one of Vizard's projects) it does provide a similar effect, I'm running them in mine with reasonable success. I was supposed to be on the dyno today but with Stage 4 lock down in Melbourne I can only sit in the car in my garage and make wooshing noises.
  4. Anything in particular? Mine's built to specific regulations that probably don't cross over much with drifting, but I'm happy to send you some engine bay pics if you like? It's all pretty standard stuff really, the only thing that's a bit different to the usual is the cooling system which uses a custom made cross flow twin pass radiator and swirl pot.
  5. The car has run with the standard manifold but return flow intercoolers are average at best and aesthetically I cannot cope with the tortuous path that intercooler pipes must follow to use the standard manifold. This Plazmaman unit makes use of the standard lower runners so does not reduce the overall intake length too dramatically and allows me to use a Plazmaman GTR intercooler and neat pipe work. The engine is built to produce maximum torque at low rpm (from an RB20 LOL) so has high static compression and custom made split duration Kelford cams to promote better swirl in the chamber before it reaches positive manifold pressure. Hypergear made me a very custom turbo so that I still comply with my class rules but it should make 300rwkw without too much problem, back on the dyno in August after a few more changes. Previous best with this engine combo (but 21U highflow) was 265kw but boost control was non existent because the internal gate was too small so we didn't run it past 5500rpm.
  6. It's got a fully optioned M600 at the moment but I've just ordered an M150 and dev license for it. One of the reasons for going to M150 is more inputs, I'm out of space and that's with the dash upgraded for extra I/O. I could probably drop a few of the less critical inputs off and only connect them for testing but the added flexibility of the development license for M150 is certainly worth a few extra dollars. My I/O list is similar to yours but I don't run N02, it's a rally car.
  7. Yes, it's got most of the Motec catalogue in it so runs just about everything you can think of. Just missing tyre temp sensors and suspension position sensors I think. At the moment it runs 'traditional' Motec traction control strategy but I was considering a DBW TB in the intake pipe after the IC to bleed off boost as a form of TC which was very effective because it doesn't impact engine speed an efficiency as much as other strategies. A mate ran his IPRA car like this with excellent results.
  8. It's a race car and has Motec everything so DBW is used for idle control and I'm a big believer 'in if it's worth doing, it's worth over doing' I wanted a forward facing TB and would have had to purchase a larger unit anyway so there was essentially no significant cost difference between DBW and a cable throttle.
  9. Mines just a single TB on a Plazmaman intake, not the ITB setup so it's nothing fancy. This is from last year.
  10. I must win the over capitalisation contest then, my RB20 is DBW!
  11. Sounds like you are challenging me for the most overcapitalised RB20 in history.
  12. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/c773806258
  13. As others have said it's not that simple. I didn't bother trying a timer (for pump start up) then SSD voltage control vs wheel speed because that car didn't have an ECU that could easily be made to do that (Autronic SM4). I would still use a powered column if I was to do it again since they are simpler to configure the amount of assistance provided.
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