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  1. Fitment experts, what offset is needed to get a 19x10.5 on a 32 gtr flush?
  2. http://www.kudosmotorsports.com/catalog/arc-m-24.html Dont seem to be stocking them currently.
  3. Richard thanks for the thorough response that was just what I was looking for. Your fitment is pretty much spot on what I'm after so 2mm further in the guards I'll be stoked with, I run 255's on 10 inch wheels now so that's what I'll be using on the new rims.
  4. Alright Deano any chance you could post some pics up for me so I know where they will be roughly? Just super keen to know exactly how they will sit before I lay down nearly 4K.
  5. ARC Type A filter. 200x230mm Brand new only.
  6. Still need to look at some pics to get my 100% sold. 18x10 +20's on a 32 anybody?
  7. You should go with the yellow %100. Looks good but a little bit different from the norm, but not too different.
  8. They sit fine now but I have a 5mm spacer as the fronts rubbed the inside tyre wall without it, they came with the car and I have no idea what their offset is unfortunately. So if +12 is dead flush, is +20 sitting in or out the guards?
  9. Have you had problems with that in the past? Seems a bit odd to me, I currently have 17 x 10's on it now and they clear the factory Brembo's ok so I don't see how a bigger diameter will be a problem.
  10. I'm currently trying to figure out what would be best suited out of these two sizes but I don't really have my head around offsets too well. I want the wheels to be a flush fit with the guards, not tucked in and not hanging out. Can anyone confirm if either of these sizes are correct? 18x10+20 or 18x9.5+22 If you have either of these sizes on your 32 I would be grateful if you could post close up pics of how they fit in the guards.

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