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  1. Deposit taken, first to look at the car! Thanks everyone.
  2. $16000 ono. Any questions please sing out.
  3. Woah, had forgotten about this. Price drop, Dad really needs this poor thing gone It's sitting in the shed doing nothing. I drove it for a few weeks and it made it very hard to sell it. Now asking $16500 with Rego and RWC. Please no ridiculous offers, its a very straight car with no issues. Cheaper if you don't want RWC or Rego. (Should pass RWC easily though, nothing wrong with it) Email me at ryleyfry@ncable.net.au or Dad irf@netconnect.com.au or ring Dad 03 53344351. I'm in Bendigo during the week for work so Dad's your best bet if you want to check it out.. If need be I can bring the car up to Bendigo if it's easier to look at it here, but will have to get it from Ballarat on a weekend. Any questions please sing out. Sad to see it go EDIT: Forgot to add: -The factory boost solenoid was stuck on 5psi. Disconnected it and runs a bleed valve at 9psi to prevent any overboost mishaps. - The heater flap motor died. Put a new one in, climate control functions good as gold. AC works great, as does heater. Thanks
  4. OK, ventured out to my favourite photo road today to get some nicer pictures. Camera ran out of battery so missed a few arty rear-end shots, but you get the idea. Also forgot about a big nasty stone chip on the front, so snapped a picture of it. Also replaced the in-dash headlight switch (was faulty) with a new one(was expensive, but you need lights) and have converted the main globes from H3Cs to H3s, and it runs power power Narva globes in it. (Not the wanky blue-look ones, the ones that give the highest luminosity without going HID) Driving it makes me want to keep it It's quite pleasant around town, somewhat subdued, but happy to rev if you want to give it a squirt, and still corners like it's on rails. (It isn't actually quite that discoloured either, dunno WTF is going on with the photo) Also should mention that the last service was done by myself (I check everything out while I'm down there) and prior to that all work/servicing was done by Pete Corcoran, ex STi Docklands foreman, ex Russell Ingall and Larry Perkins V8 supercar mechanic. He was quite surprised by the originality of the car both inside and out Any questions sing out
  5. Cheers mate, I plan to once the weather gets better. Found a really good spot for photos of the Supra, and need some ones of the GTR too For both here and for a big printout on my wall
  6. Dad and I have another car we need to buy, and unfortunately, the loveable GTR is lookinhg for a new home. I know the bad reputation the R32 GTR has, and this was taken into account when we bought it nearly 3 years ago (We drove over 15 I reckon haha). I am also aware the odometer wind back many imports are subject to, and cannot confirm about this car, but the odo kms seem consistent with the condition of the vehicle. It has never given us any issues and the slightest hint of someting wrong (ie clutch slipping) and it was fixed. All the modifications were on the car when we bought it. 1990 Skyline GT-R Midnight blue 17x9" BBS LM wheels 3.5" R*SR Catback (Sounds great, not drony at all on the highway, aggresive note under acceleration) HKS Hardpipes Greddy Boost Gauge Front strut brace Mines ECU (ie runs richer than stock) 120xxx km Factory Airbox Pros: Runs, drives, feels exactly like an original GT-R. First owner in AU - Timing belt and water pumps done at 80,000km. We bought at 98,000km. Fixed all the little and surprise issues, then enjoyed it. Blows no smoke, ever. Sometimes runs a little rich in high rpm due to Mines ECU. Never overevved - heard of the dislike for oil to drain back to the block from the head, and plus, it runs out of puff about 7000rpm anyway. TEIN street front coilovers- Fully rebuilt and revalved Fastidiously maintained every 5000kms using 5W-30 Full synthetic oil Redline oils in gearbox, attessa system and Hicas system. All bled an maintained correctly. Never overboosted. Runs lower than factory boost- never intended on going near 1 bar when the ceramic turbos scream NEIN Interior immaculate aside from one pea sized tear in drivers seat and slight bubble in dash. Virtually new Exedy Cushioned button clutch No Hicas issues No attessa issues ...No issues at all actually. Biggest ones were clutch was DOA and the Coilovers needed rebuilding, and all this wasn't cheap. Cons: Original grille has been modified into a one piece strange shape. Looks a little odd. (Can supply stock replacment for $110) Front bumper paint has one slight crack in it down near the lower lip. Paint on roof beginning to show slight discolouring. Original steering wheel leather worn. Factory boost solenoid doesn't work - runs 5psi standard, currently at 9psi via bleed valve. (handy for engine longevity!) Overall the car looks stunning, with some very minor exterior blemishes consistent with the age and km of the car. More awesome photos available on request. Hoping for $19,500 ono, because it's not a flogged-out, irresponsibly modified or mystery-history GTR. Trying to place it price-wise between a fresh import (which it was when we bought it, fixed the annoying/expensive shit, made sure it wasn't going to die etc) and the 100% standard immaculate ones. Comes with RWC and rego til June/Julyish next year. Dad drove it 80% of the time and it's always cleaned, maintained and babied. Is an astonishing car to drive, but he's bought another car and doesn't need it anymore . Any questions please sing out. Really is a lovely car. Only selling to to try and buy a particular car, otherwise I will keep it. Getting some nicer photos when global warming returns to sunny Ballarat. Ryley ryleyfry@ncable.net.au 0417 862 806
  7. After a map sensor for an R32 GT-R, the one in the top left corner of the engine bay that gives a signal to the boost guage. Thankyou!
  8. as already mentioned, the 7M is great when prepared well. makes a shitload of low-down torque. good option over 1JZ if you're that way inclined engines with hydraulic valve lifters won't suffer valve bounce. it's to do with the natural frequency of the engine- at higher and higher rpm it gets closer to the natural frequency of the valve spring, which causes the spring to resonate and do it's own thing. hydraulic lifters help- when they reach the natural frequency they just freeze (open or closed, can't remeber exactly)
  9. The motor/solenoid the controls where air diversion flaps for the climate control is cactus in my BNR32. Anyone have one?? Please PM me or 0417 862 806. Thanks
  10. don't have a passenger side inner guard liner do you? that plastic piece of shit?
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=230348735103 Selling my grille on ebay PM me here or SMS 0417 862 806 if you're keen Ryley
  12. cheers mate that was pretty much my train of thought too. the reason im leaning towards solenoid is it only does it a handful of times. normally it just sits on the meagre 0.5 kg/cm^2. but a couple of times i've given it the beans and it's rocketed off towards 1.2kg/cm^2. but yes, i will try that procedure, thanks. what are the standard wastegates on the turbos set at? ie what should it run with the bottom fitting disconnected and plugged??
  13. cheers mate. afer a bit of searching last night, i hve found all the hoses/schematics i need... and i reckon you're right, a boost leak. otherwise will check ECUs. going to go for a power FC at some stage anyway. thanks ryley
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