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  1. Hi mate interested in the exhaust , is it still available? And can you freight to SA ?
  2. anyone know what rear wheel hp a L28 engine should make its got triple solex carbs ,forged pistons ,headers,electronic dizzy and mild head porting it only makes 130 rwhp im thinking thats a bit low so maybe its got issues cheers fellas
  3. $400 come on fellas some one needs this hard to get item
  4. sorry my mistake LD28 deisel crank
  5. whats your email and i will send a pic
  6. i have a L28 diesel crank forsale good condition fellas $500 plus freight 08 92488865
  7. i have the rear wing but dont really want to use it ,yes the black R35 has a engine blow just wasiting for the new one to arrive , the car is going over the pits next week and then its time to bolt on my cool shit ,also going to jap land in 2 weeks so i can through more $$$ into the hako pit
  8. thanks bro i got a part number off that link cheers
  9. g/day fellas does anyone know what rear wheel cylinders are the same as kgc10 ?? or where i can get some in australia ? thanks
  10. pete will do engines for anyone his number is 95783303
  11. g/day fellas the engine was built by peter gray he does most of our RB build ups for our race cars ,the engine has a ported head ,nismo cam ,ARP stud kit through out ,tomei head gasket ,custom forged pistons , built for 100hp shot of dog gas
  12. this saturday jpc are having a free bbq and discount on most parts come and see our new shop 8 burGAY crt osbourne park open till 12.00
  13. when its back from paint i will do a build thread should be soon
  14. yep i have a 2 door its being painted at the moment its not a genuine gtr but will be pretty nice when its done ,lots of mods too
  15. ive used nos on a few cars and if your not so power hungry its killa ,if i bust theL28 i will put it in the bin and get a proper engine
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