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  1. Time to bring this post back from the dead ! I came across this post awhile back ago and I just finally did mine. Its not completed yet since I don't have resistors that I need and I cant be bothered going out at the moment but you get idea. I didn't butcher my housing but instead I took the front lens off. I will be using this as Tail + Brake ( just like your brake lights it will go brighter if you push the brake pedal ). I ran wires from the existing hole on the back of the housing for the clean look I hope you guys like it Oh I made a copy of Nagisa Auto R34 GTR Tail Lights too for my R34 + LED high stop light + LED reverse light and LED emergency fog light
  2. Hey guys, I'm just wondering if you guys could help me out here. I have been offered an R33 GTR LM from Japan and the seller has sent me a few pictures of the underbody. They are a few surface rust patches on the underside and the compliance place said it may or may not need to be sand blasted + sealed + painted. But he wasnt happy that on some of the factory underseal it has blue paint, My question is are all factory underseal supposed to be black only or it colour coded to the body colour ? I have attached a few pictures so you guys can have a look at it Many thanks guys Ronny T
  3. Hi there, Just wondering by "R33 Gtr dash" do you mean its the speedometer ? If so would you ship to NEW ZEALAND ? Thanks !!
  4. To answer your question Yes, when the relay was clicking all the radio / lights , etc went dimmer as well Hope you will get your baby fixed
  5. I have fixed the problem today The accumulator for the ATTESA system is low on pressure and I got my mechanic to replaced it with a second hand unit off a C34 Stagea and bleed the 4WD system I would like to thank DaveB and grigor for pointing it out the solution to this f'ing annoying problem So you guys that have this problem , please have a read the last few pages of this thread : http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/4w...amp;hl=clicking Hope you all get it fixed Thanks Ronny T
  6. Hi dave, how difficult is it to remove the ATTESSA unit ??? and how do you remove the accumulator ?? just by unscrewing it ??? no special tools required ? thanks
  7. Hi guys, My R34 starting doing this since 2 days ago , its coming from the 4wd pump relay thats located in the boot mounted around the drivers side tailight. The 4wd still working fine and theres no 4wd light up on the dash or anything like that but the relay just keeps on ticking every 5secs
  8. Ok i bought used GReddy suction kit for my GTR The only thing missing from the kit are the air filter , the "L" shaped bracket and small straight hose ( this one for attaching the breather hose ) Now Im having difficulty figuring out how this vacuum line ( circled red ) supposed to be connected without using the factory black pipe Also one of the breather hoses ( the shielded one ) is bit too long and overlaping , do I just cut it shorter ? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. I have been emailing bodyform but they seem not interested dealing with an overseas customer , its so depressing since i really need these side skirts and rear pods bugger
  10. Is there any other company apart from JSAI that makes Z TUNE style front bar for GTR ??
  11. what about the Z-Tune front bar anyone know who else makes them apart JSAI ?
  12. Trent, I know that you were online today and received my PM Is there any reason why you failed to response to my PM regarding the tracking number for my F Con ? Its been 2 weeks since I sent the payment to you and I know you said you have sent them last week Now all I want is my damn tracking number , is it so damn difficult to give me the tracking number ? If I dont get a response from you I will notify the Mods
  13. Trent have you got the tracking number for my F Con mate ???
  14. I will take the cam covers only if you are willing to separate and pm'ed you regarding shipping Thanks matey
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