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  1. interested but do you have the flange to weld onto cooler pipe??? if not do you know were could get one from??
  2. gtr cams??? how is that goin to work seeing as rb26 uses solid head gear??
  3. VQ30det turbo is ball bearing is also bolt on for rb20, will be fitting to an rb20 in the next few weeks will upload power figures ect once completed
  4. dont know how to edit post :S so my mobile is 0415421803
  5. near new bosch 040 motorsport pump only been in car past few comps.. upgrading to fuel cell so no need for intank anymore. will post at buyers expense $150
  6. this manifold is now for sale.. making a new high mount.. pm me your offers (gate not included)
  7. you would actually be better of using the vq30det turbo as they are bb and will make more power.. we used a rb25 turbo on an rb20 and it was making 271rwhp on 17psi so there is nothing wrong with using a 25 turbo iether just personal preferance and budget.. did you get a power figure mate after the install.. i aslo reccomend kyp get all my parts from there... ;D
  8. might make it a little easyer if you know what the wires are not just the colours ect to write that next to it aswell... i cant really be bothered my dash and vct still dont work but it runs still so im happy lol..
  9. quick question guys do i need to earth the vct wire (blue white trace) or does it need 12v constant, its not working :S
  10. not to bad pending your in perth lol.. its alot harder to do it with out the car as you dnt know clearances ect, however i could do the gate same as mine and you can get screamer made local, aslong as i can get ahold of your gate flange ect wont be a problem and it will be much cheaper than any china manifold!!! also just incase your worried about it holding power back heres a graph and pic of my car now that its done. 362rwhp
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