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  1. 80 For two... or $50 each I need to sell these to fund tires.. thank you.
  2. ITEM:4 Point harness X 2 NEW/USED: Used (good condition) VEHICLE MAKE/BRAND: Monza LOCATION: Perth Hillarys area DELIVERY: Pick up or postage $10 PRICE: Each $60ono or 2 for $110ono PAYMENT METHOD: Bank Deposit or paypal CONTACT INFO: Chris 0416740509 BEST bet is to sms me.. please also i am verry ono on the prices Reduced 74% 575 x 384 (63.3K)//
  3. Fuc nick lol i when i was close form loosing mine too... i just played allong feeding them infromation so it makes me some what sorry and and i got let off but coped a fine and some demerits during double demerits lol FORCEDOBSESSIONS.COM (perths elite Perfromance cars)
  4. This is a ANDRA event so the rules are.. Slower than 12.00sec = nothing Faster that 11.99 = andra licence and harness and other things faster than 9.99 = roll cage and other items and licence again. FORCEDOBSESSIONS.COM (perths elite performance car club)
  5. I have some hoosiers ET drag radials for sale... they are on Ford rims tho they will still fit on your car.. no probs Hoosiers are 255 and are on a 16" steel rim They will fit on the stock R33 R32 16" rims also im am selling for $520 ono for 2 tires and 2 rims and they have only done 3 passes down the strip.. there very very new.. these tires sell for over 395each new.. so grab them while there hea.. if you want give me 2 stock rims and ill get a shop to put them on and ill knock the price down to $480 0416740509
  6. mate just something to go off as i am just starting out i made a list. and when i get to that part of the build i will do more research
  7. still thinking about that one with a auto it will make the power through out the run tho with manual i might have a bit of trouble with the cluch there is a C4 auto box out of the ford's and it has a nissan bellhousing and being built for 1800 so might look at that tho i look at more and more drag cars and they have a built auto so this might be the way to go... what might happen is buy a gtst half cut and use that box and untill it dies then replace with the built box.. and it will be a 33 motor tho i still need to read up if a motec or similar ecu can control the whole car not just a piggy back as i want to scrap the whole wireing harrness and dash wires and just make up my own harness fuel will be in a cell so no gauge for that Boost, oil water temp, oil pressure and volts ect will be 52mm gauges and speedo will be off the ecu. Does anyone have any answers for me if i can get away with this. ah and started stripping the boot with the tar. worked a treat. pix to come battrery mount in the engine bay was removed and some holes welded up and smoothed..
  8. So as Ryhs said i have been putting a list together Need" Steel for roll cage Gtr Fiberglass FRONT BAR GTR hood (ali) Gtr grill (bonnet pins insted of latch) Primer and paint (colour something bright ie lime green or blue) Fuel cell with a booster fuel pump and a small surge tank with 2 bosch 044 feeding all new lines to the engine bay New TEIN Super Street Coilover Kit As it is a drag car i will be fixing up all other componets on the Suspension with a new Bush Kit for the wornout bush's all redy has a LSD might see how well it will hold up or look into strengthing it. Next will be saving for a gtst half cut with box send the box off to get strengthend and find some rb 26 rocker covers. build the engine Intercooler Manafold Turbo Garret T51 are quite cheap on ebay for genuine greddy plenum Pwr Raidator and then exhaust to fit the rear housing need to look at rules for muffled or un muffled or flow ect Seat + harness and new steering wheel Clutch This is just a basic list of items needed im looking at allredy about 23k for all these parts so i expect this build to be finnished new 2011 arround september reddy for the new season..
  9. +2 for ab there on glued on from fatory.. you will need to take your door trim off to fix it..
  10. After reading so many good builds i was not getting any sleep and trying to work out what would i do if i had a shell to work with... The awnser cam to me.. via a r32 gtst.. was in ok condition but my money was tight so it was a great pick up for $1400.. So the work started, before i got it into the workshop. lol Most of the inside is striped and reddy for the cage just need to get that pain in the ass tar off.. might go down to BOC tomorow that seems the best place for dry ice.... just a few things left and nothing behind that dash planing to see if i dont need to use that wireing loom.
  11. Thanx guys for all your kind words.. and hints lol ... Just took ownership of a r32 gtst.. dont know what yr but its Manual and coupe from Brenden (Dsturbd) was a great guy also he eaven droped it off for me. I got the bal rolling today and took a couple of pix tho this thred will be going to the builds area...
  12. hey mate great work so far.. ay.. umm quick question where bouts did you get the air tool to cut windows out or whats it called..
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