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  1. Yeah i have written off what i put into it. ($15k) Just trying to find out what people would pay for it. and yeah, I dont have enough time to finish it because of my work and i've moved into a smaller house so no room for a trailer. I'm currently in Afghanistan so nothing is happening with it at all. Jamie
  2. ok if nobody wants to buy, can everyone just put in your 2 bob to what you think it is worth. after you spend so much money on a project, its hard to put a figure to it when selling.
  3. If anyone is interested in buying this 32, throw me an offer as its just sitting in my garage gathering dust, just needs camber arms, coilovers and hicas lock bar to be installed (hicas kit will be included in sale) there is slight cracks in the paint in some parts of the joins of the rear guards. all offers welcome. can be sold with or without wheels no reg or rwc Jamie
  4. who's going? i just moved to sydney so i might check it out.
  5. ^^ did you get it sent through a dealer? if you did they should fix it... If you didnt.....well..... the freight company should fix it
  6. looking good simon, and wow that is lots of hacking. i like it. are you in contact with cazman atm by any chance? need those R32 rear camber arms and toe rods but he's not replying :S
  7. ^^ from the "city" LOL sorry had to comment
  8. who are u getting the kit from this time? whats the quality like?
  9. robbo - its not me selling a 32 haha, its kerin. Our 32 is a widebody now, and painted **UPDATE** the movers ripped a freshly painted sideskirt off dropping it off at the depo in the ville' EDIT: And really dude??? sell this?...
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