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  1. Thanks for the help guys maybe i under estimated the power output of these turbos with the right set up, I have bitten the bullet and have decided to buy all the power fc and injectors and stuff now few questions in this the correct part no for apexi power fc with hand controller #pfc ecr33 010-2667 been hunting around and this seems to be the one for a series 2 rb25 that keeps on popping up just confirming. Injectors was just going to go for the side feed nismo injectors was getting 555cc ones but 750cc are like $50 more will 750cc be to big can i get to large an injector for my power output was going to go with the side feed for the ease of installation and what i hear a quality product, Can i use my greddy profec b boost controller with the power fc can see you can buy the kit for the power fc but since i already have one was hoping they could work together A walbro 550hp in tank pump seems to be the go aswell i cant see me pushing out any power above that without doing some heavy internal work i feel i am capable of fitting all these goodies will i be able to putt my car to the tuning shop once all is installed or will i have to get it towed to the shop hopefully i not pissing anyone off with these questions
  2. i have been reading over all the forums and i know these topics have been dragged up hundreds of time put was just after a clear cut answers on a few questions. i will be getting a hand me down off a friend a gt3076r internal gated with the genuine garrett 5 bolt housing and .82 rear i was hoping to achieve around the 300hp mark . i currently have installed apexi pod, fmic ,3inch straight through exhaust, apexi safc2, splitfires, iridium plugs, greddy profec b 2 boost controller on standard boost havent wound her up yet was wondering Question 1 : Can i bolt on this turbo and run it with the safc 2 or with i have to go with the stand alone ecu power fc etc Question 2 : Can i use a q45 afm with the safc i will be getting 3.5 inch intake pipe made so it would be neater and easier if it could just bolt on a q45 afm i know the inlet on the turbo is 4 inch to will be getting reducer .will reducing it to 3.5 inch restrict at all or should i try to keep it all to 4 inch Question 3 : will my hp dreams be achievable with this set up or will i have to go down the line of injectors, fuel pump, fpr Question 4 : Are these gt3076 any good i know there have been cases with boost spike with the smaller .73 ar with the nissan 6 bolt rear housing, i know external is always going to be better with better boost control bla bla but for my hp goal are these turbos any chop Question 5 : Was going to plumb a bov to return into the intake will this affect my afm readings i know they do it as standard but wasnt sure with the larger turbo though and i know cold side of turbo is better for the bov to be installed but will taking off the hot pipe affect anything or give bad readings. This is on my r33 gtst with series two engine i will eventually be fitting a power fc and fuel pump, injectors and all that stuff but was just wondering if it will work for the time being or am i best off saving my coin and getting it all done at once. Any help or guidance would be extremely helpful as i am hoping to start over the christmas break. Sorry if these a noob questions was just looking for some help and guidance and what am i getting myself into to i will be hopefully posting up my install for any help to others once i get it going once again sorry for bringing up these topics again. cheers dean
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