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  1. yer sounds like im out dont wanna get the defectsthey will probly have epa test area set up not worth the hastle if i change my mind ill see u guys at kk livo
  2. im in for sure so yer ill see u at kk livo 630
  3. im in bring 2 34 gtt with me and 32 4door and 33 4 door
  4. so ull start passed the icecream truck ull have to start the other side lol im 24
  5. ur on i got my shoes corner weighted and lighten soles lol i mite win
  6. im in driving from forster but still keen could i get update on times and where plz
  7. im thinking the static entrant but just wanna know if u guy havea pre meet up or not
  8. hey just thought id put it out there see if any one has any ideas for australia day
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