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  1. Bumpity bump.... still in the garage taking up valuable space so if any body wants it let me know otherwise its going in the bin.... Nothing wrong with it, just sold the car so its of no use to me so if somebody else can make use of it then great
  2. it says 17500, i thought that was pretty clear
  3. OK guys just bought myself a new car so the skyline has to go... Don't particularly want to keep paying rego and insurance on the two vehicles so I'm making it available for private sale for the next week and then if nobody is interested I'll just take it to a dealer and take whatever I can get... Its a stock as a rock R33 series two and has always run factory boost... Got all the usuals:- Sunroof Power Steering Electric Mirrors ABS HICAS 16" Stock rims Side skirts + tomi kiara wing Climate control CD Player Alarm + immobiliser Just put new rubber on all 4 wheels and its just had the 100km service (so timing belt has been done). Dont think I missed anything? Did I? Price? Well you tell me..... Rang a few dealers and they said around 17500 (dodgy bastards) anyhoo i'd rather it go so somebody in SAU for a good price rather than a dealer making 5-7k off it for doing stuff all... PM me if your interested, im online all day so you can expect a resopnse pretty quickly
  4. can take some when i get home... but its green with black brackets... not much to see...
  5. RFL model... according to the turboxs site RFL stands for 'Really ****ING Loud' which is pretty much spot on the mark UPDATED, see post below...
  6. Almost new (bought it about a month ago) comes with all the screws and stuff u will need to fit it... Looking for something around the 150 mark... but make me an offer
  7. *bump* i got the boot trim... still need the passenger side door trim tho
  8. doh /me slaps head.... i used to have it in my signature but i forgot its not there anymore... its R33 series 2, but im pretty sure boot trim is the same? isnt it?
  9. hey guys, time to start the audio project and before i go making a mess of all the standard trims I thought id try to locate a second set that i can always go back to so im after the passenger door trim, and the boot lining PM me if you have either! cheers
  10. brand new, in box... never used them, thought I wanted green but i think i prefer purple so these have gotta go $130 ono
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