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  1. JamesK

    Stolen 1m Bmw

    UPDATE: seen Everton Park with normal QLD PLATES at 11am 25th together with a black 2005 Holden Astra Hatch number plates SAM191
  2. Hey guys I know its kind of crappy that my first post in years is a stolen car list but it's a really good friend of mine and I know this car is the world to him and I know no one knows that feeling better than you guys so I just ask you guys keep an eye and an car out in case anything crosses your radar. James Stolen: White BMW 1 Series M Coupe. Rego: ESP OFF. Last seen in Hamilton. Taken between 3:45 and 4:30 Today. If anyone has seen the vehicle this afternoon/ tonight or in the near future please let me know. Updated: Spotted Narangba - Potassium Road heading east at 7PM
  3. Yea I'm beginning to get that feeling
  4. Hm thanks for the insight, na fairly stock
  5. Doh just found the dealer section in the workshop and wreckers sticky. Please don't beat me with the dumb stick Ash!
  6. Hey guys, after not having much luck on carsales I've started to look for used car dealers which accept skylines. Its been a bit of a struggle only SSV offering 4gs. Its time for me to leave the country in a few weeks so I'm getting a little desperate. PS. If any of you guys are out tonight PM or Sms me, I would like to say goodbye and thanks.
  7. Honestly if you could assure me there is no chance of getting arrested then I'd do it it would be great for some Lolz. I also need an excuse to take out my cousins 1M tonight, I'm dying to drive it again
  8. Lol....I had a feeling this would turn into a "Where the F have you been thread" Sorry guys, I'll try to come to something as a last "Hurrah!" Is Hamish still doing Buller with the new bub? Or has someone else picked that up? ....Do....do you want me to do this? Lol
  9. Hey All, I'm flying to Brisbane at the end of the week to pick up my GF and her things and driving back down in the Car, we have most of her effects sent by interstate removalists so there shouldn't be too much in the car (I hope) we are spending 2 nights in Sydney and we aren't really on any sort of time constraint so if you need something picked up let me know and we can try to sort things out. PS. For those of you that are in the "know" please don't get side tracked in this thread....I don't exactly want my life story posted up here JR
  10. Jesus H Christ Hamish, your literally giving this thing away....what the hell man!?. Congrats on your baby btw. Are you keeping the Pimp Stick? They are tied for me, although Al's is generally "cleaner" I've never seen it really go. Al's car is the car I want with the hood up in my glass garage adjacent to my living room on a lazy susan. Hamish's car is the car I want when I'm out and about and trying to impress de ladiezzzz .....and as you can CLEARLY see it worked for Hamish
  11. Can you guys please stop talking up shannons? They wont take me until I'm 25 THIS
  12. Broadford raceway (no timed ) also BRB: *Grabs a box of tissues*
  13. Genuine, I crashed it at the race track, just so happens there was a Moto2 rider there who gave me a lift home, he ended up selling me his fairings since he converted it to a track bike the day he got it. I was ridiculously lucky EDIT: WHEN THE HELL DID YOU GET AN R1?
  14. I wrote this up for another website but I thought it might be appreciated here as well. If you haven't heard about it already the Victorian Parliament had an open forum into motorcycle safety across the state where organizations and companies have submitted proposal of issues which they believe should be considered in the Motorcycle Safety inquiry, expected to be concluded in December. A proposal by the Victoria Police has angered a large portion motorcycle community by proposing several new laws. I have quickly outline all the proposed points and little tidbits of information which may be hidden in the paper, please read carefully and make your own opinions. Please be noted I do not have a issue with all proposals (just the ridiculous ones) but it doesn't mean I think they are fair on other riders either, I have tried to write this up in an unbiased nature but obviously I will always be biased since I am a rider. 1. The requirement of a front license plate (This can be in sticker form) 2. The MINIMUM WEARING of FIVE high visibility protective clothing Yes you read this right if you ride a sportsbike, a superbike, a cruiser, or even a VESPA you need to be wearing HIGH VISIBILITY (Fluoro) this means the following items have to be high vis (Unless you can think of something else to wear that would make up the 5 articles). * Helmet * Jacket * Gloves * Pants * Boots All clothing has to meet Australian Standards....this also applies to Pillions 3. The creation of the standard which regulates the clothing mandates 4. Graduated motorcycle licencing system (Restrictions are lifted the longer you hold your license) 5. Separate the motorcycle class from automotive license (like getting your boat license) 6. Unique easily identifiable license plates (as motorcycles) 7. A new motorcycle advisory body which represents Victoria police (like MRA but with cops) 8. Recommends lane splitting/filtering should be studied and laws be implemented on it's conclusion (It's a grey area atm) * Until such studies are concluded it should be deemed an unlawful act 9. Clear separation between on and off road motorcycles *Particularly the ability to access hospital attendance records for motorcyclist riders to check valid off-road registration 10. Update of the Strategic Action Plan for Powered Two Wheelers (I'm not 100% what this is, so I'm not going to try to explain it) 11. ANCAP Like Safety rating on new purchases *Although this seems pointless to me, since the ability for a motorcycle to take a crash does not do anything for the rider, there is one good point, the requirement of ABS on new motorcycles (the only issue I have of this is the fact that ABS on motorcycles is still a new technology, the mandatory implementation on new motorcycles in Victoria may hinder the introduction of new vehicles from manufacturers) 12. Training/Reeducation for returning motorcycle riders I tried to write this as simply as I can, maintain an unbiased view (which is impossible because I'm a rider) and just point out the clear facts. Do what you want with this information but if this infuriates you that it does me I encourage you to read the whole PDF (which is not very long) voice your opinion publicly. Other Issues being protested, not in this proposal * .02 BAC Limit * Anti-Association Laws (Guilt by association) Actual PDF: http://www.parliamen...tm_medium=email
  15. Upvote for this! The Toorak one, not the Queens road one. Booking Essential!
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