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  1. Just got my self an F50 Cima to daily as its a bit more comfy than the 33 for city driving, and want to convert the Xanavi unit to english. Ive seen this have been done with the V35 and V36 Skylines. Did some digging and the only details i can find of people who do this are 5 years old. Was just wondering if anyone has an Up to date list of names and contact numbers? I tried calling the number for the Perth Contact (Nigel Danson), but it just rings out. Thanks -Brad **EDIT** I know that it wont make the nav system work, and thats fine, I can also install a seperate head unit for Audio....but the unit controls everything on the cima as far as dash cluster, AC, vip options etc and would be good to be able to read them and change them to my desired options **
  2. Got mine brand new from yahoo auctions bout 12 months ago. They are made by Sexy Style Japan. Carbon Fiber one - ~$200 delivered FRP one - ~$150 delivered
  3. Chasing the 2 Brackets that bolt the rear bumper to the chassis? are they available?
  4. Just finished putting a S1 RB25 into my S2 33 4door Shell. (engine, box, Engine loom, and Nistune were all working when they came out of my old 33 and went straight into the fresh shell, no changes) It cranks over but wont start....because i cant get a spark? (ive check my splitfires, coil-pack loom and ignitor pack on a mates 33 just incase and was all good) I have power to the ecu, lights, my gauges, dash, vct controller, a/c, stereo etc. When i turn the ignition to on, fuel pump primes (and yes fuel lines are on the right way) if i take the CAS off and rotate it by hand, the injectors click but still no spark. (if i remove the injectors i can smell fuel) No ive been doing some searches here and on Google regarding this, and read 2 things ive been unable to verify, as im slowly trying different things. 1. On the plug behind the Passengers headlight (engine harness to power loom) their is a grey wire that needs Ignition Power? 2. Their are a few wires that need swapping on the White M63 Plug behind the passengers kick panel? If anyone could shed some light it would be appreciated Thanks
  5. Ive Just finished pulling the RB25 from my 33coupe and putting into a 33sedan shell i was building up. Straight swap (engine, box, ecu, ecu loom, etc) Apart from giving it a service while it was out the car, nothing else was touched. All the headlights/tail lights, dash, windows, mirrors, all my gauges, VCT window switch, Etc work. But when i try start the car it just cranks, but get no fuel or spark? - I took the old fuel out our and bridged the fuel pump with the feed line unplugged toget rid of all the bad fuel, so i know there is fuel going to the rail. - checked all the coilpacks on another car they worked. - Cas works on another car So im guessing its the ECU not earthed somewhere, Im just trying to work out wher all the ECU earth points are? Or if anyone has any other suggestions of what to check/try Thanks
  6. As per title Want to buy An R33 Sedan (4 door) Rear bumper, Either stock or aftermarket, not fussed at this point. Show me what ya got! PM or 0408 929 316 thx
  7. oooh kay, wish i'd seen that before i pulled the adapter off and cracked all the powder coating -_- lol. I'll give that a try tomorrow while im home, thanks
  8. I did manage to flip my tb and it fit, will just have to put a clamp on the cable (peddle end) but still not to keen on the angle that its being pulled at... KiwiRS4T - would it be possible for you to get a few pics of what you did and post em up for me to have a look see. thanks
  9. I dont know if the sedan will work with the standard adapter.....thats what i wanna know before i buy one lol I might try flip my adapter round and see if i can mount the TB on top, just not sure how that would work with the cable pulling on an angle, it might come out of its rail on the pulley when on full throttle...
  10. Hey People Just finished pulling the engine out my coupe and dropping it into my sedan. Problem is because of the diff shape of the fuse box, the stock TB wont fit (pulley fouls on it fuse box) Im not using the std greddy adapter i had a slim line on that was machined up, so i didn't have to change the throttle cable. Can be seen on the front of the plenum Now before i go off and buy a genuine adapter, i want to be sure it will actually clear it? (every one ive asked from all the places ive spoken to so far, just tell me, "coupe and sedan engine bays the same" and well thats not the case.) OR Can i just bolt an 80mm throttle body straight on? without catching on the fuse box? (coz ive found a nice black one to match the plenum. and if i do this should i need a retune (i know i prob sound like a retard, but it make sense to me that if im increasing how much air gets taken into the manifold, then the values are going to change) thanks, and hope this makes sense
  11. awesome thanks Chris It just as simple as unplug the whole box and take it out? Wont have to rewire anything?
  12. Hey guys n gals. A few months back i bought a 33 Sedan Rolling Shell to do up and move everything from my aging Coupe into. Im currently tidying up some wiring under the dash and found something no one else has been able to enlighten me on. So without further adieu, ill let the pictures talk. Was finishing up all the engine bay wiring, and came across these out the side of chassis, Traced them back under the dash? To these plugs that went to this box? and the other wires from the box went upto this... so yea......what is it? do i need it? can i remove it? also 1 more wiring question....that may or may not be able to be answered here..... Is my labeling correct? I want to fit up S1 headlights....can i cut the series 2 H4 plugs off and wire it upto the plug for the dual H1 series 1 headlights? Thanks
  13. Few months back me and some mates done - Great Eastern Highway all the way up to Bakers hill (for pies) - Thru Clackline all the way to York - Then York road over to Northam - Northam-Toodyay Road to Toodyay - Back down Toodyay Road to Midland Was a Good 250km, and an awesome day of Driving, didnt see a single cop, amazing scenery and country roads. Plenty of places to stop and look around do photos etc, We made a full day of it with the stops, and going exploring side roads.
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