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  1. Yeah true, well specifically 3x2 or 5x1 axles! Thanks anyway
  2. Sorry just looking for rwd r200's
  3. Looking for a Nismo GT Pro 2 Way in 4.1 or 4.3 ratio, can be either 5 or 6 bolt. Located Sydney
  4. Okay how about passenger side then
  5. Bump. How about interstate?
  6. Looking for driveshafts to reboot in Sydney, even if just the passenger side. Thanks
  7. RB30 R31 VL Turbo Parts Hey got a few things for sale, Factory VL T03 Turbo - $150 wasn't making boost so pulled it apart and put new bearings through it, still struggled to spin up so not sure if it's due to the crack around the wastegate flap or the core is just cooked. Can come with another pair of bearings unused VL dump pipe with O2 sensor - $120 Fuel rail to suit turbo plenum with FPR outside the runners - $80 VL turbo crossover pipe with hose to AAC - $120
  8. Still looking for one, I'm happy to take a blown op6 also
  9. WTB RB25 exhaust housing Chasing a exhaust housing to suit rb25 turbo, 21u or op6. Prefer Sydney but happy to pay postage also thanks!
  10. WTB RB25 factory turbo Hi looking for an rb25 stock turbo located in Sydney Thanks!
  11. Injectors from a HR31, Z31 or Laurel RB20 is what I'm after if anyone might have any. Don't mind getting them posted either
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