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  1. Just finally did the s2 tail light into s1 260rs.
  2. Hi Tonba, sorry after further research the size wont fit my stagea but good luck with the sales. If only its a 9.5/10 it will be perfect.
  3. Hi mate, Just checking if this still available?
  4. Hi I know it's old, but how do you fit the indicator from the S2 tailight to S1? I found the indicator mounting is different size.
  5. spotted Black S2 (I think) at Lunar Drive in, Dandenong at about 6.40pm watching TMNT
  6. haven't done the brake line. Tried to look for it locally but could find it unless custom made. But so far changing the fresh brake fluid and cusco brake stopper really helps.
  7. well fitted the Cusco brake stopper on the 260rs and it really improved the braking response. Definitely best mod and easiest for improving brakes!
  8. Hi is the power fc still available? If so interested, May pick up tomorrow
  9. Yeh its probably the same as your in terms of response but definitely there is a top end. It's just kept pulling on top end.
  10. No only stage 1 with - 9 Turbo. Blown the stock Turbo and screwed one of the cylinder.
  11. Thanks guys :-) I'm happy too and thanks for Chris from racepace looked after me with the wrinkly paint too.