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  1. Hey mate, got one off a 95 series 1.5 which should be the same as the series 1. $30 and it's yours, located in ipswich.
  2. Hey mate, if its the orange box with the bracket ive got one.
  3. I might still have one mate but its from a series 1.5, so it could be a series 2 switch as the 1.5 is a cross between the 2.
  4. Ive got one in Brisbane if interested.
  5. I've got one. $40 + postage
  6. Ive got one mate, located in ipswich. $50
  7. Got one mate. Located in ipswich.
  8. Can you post up a pic? Also how much?
  9. Hey ppl, Im looking for a stock 33 or 34 intercooler in good condtion to fit to my TD Hilux. I still have a few things left over from my parted out 33 we might be able to swap for. Cheers TJ
  10. Hey mate, Are you interested in swapping an RPM 4 point harness for the intercooler?
  11. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/356121-garage-clean-out-qld/ Link to post with pics.
  12. Come on guys, Still heaps of stuff for sale. Make an offer.
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