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  1. looking to buy or borrow an r33 gtr exhaust for a rwc in melbourne let me know by pm on here with your number
  2. I have for sale 1x Factory Airbox 1x Factory Snorkle 1x Ryco Air filter relatively clean used maybe 3-4000kms All are in great condition with no cracks scratches or damage. Postage 25$ throughout Australia Price: $80 Pick up Brighton East Vic
  3. For sale or Swap R33 Skyline GTS-T Auto series 2 coupe 1997 model imported 1 year ago 147500kilometeres japanese service history australian service receipts of $3000 in the previous year (always taken to respectable workshop) 4 brand new kumho tyres 1 full year rego RWC this is the cleanest r33, everyone who sees it freaks out unmolested, only mods are Exhaust system (made to be legal noise wise) currently has a pod filter Headunit and sub+amp Looking to swap for a faster car plus cash your way such as gtr xr6t hsv evo anything with big boost however will consider all swaps Thanks for your time 0431 145 370
  4. Mitsubishi Magna 4cyl manual 650ono must be sold 10months rego good condition malvern east/carneigie 0413947501 peter
  5. had a look at this car, definatley by far the cleanest r33 i have ever seen. the car drives and feels like a new car!! free bump and goodluck grant.
  6. mate i have a full set of the wheels and tyres u are lookin for in my garage if you want just 1 i can do u a deal let me know if your interested
  7. Hey guys, My mate has a -Bmw 318i -4 door Sedan -1996 -1.9L 4Cyl Auto -White -Full black leather -Sunroof -woodgrain -125,000 original ks with service history -All power options, windows mirrors etc -Jvc dvd headunit with screen, 2 screns in the back of each headrest -Signature edition (1 of 500 made, comes with authentication plate) -thousands spent on stereo system(top quality speakers) -never been crashed -Extremely fuel efficient -Cheap to run -car is mechanically perfect -intereior and extreior are in amazing condition for age Long reg Rwc can be provided (needs nothing) LOOKING FOR SWAPS He is over having a luxury car and is interested in R32s R33s R34s turbos N.a's autos or manual, he just wants a sporty car located in chadstone call 0425 722 602 - dave for more info if anyone is seriously interested i will get him to take some photos
  8. i dunno if you people are all living in dreamland or just ignorant its simple why people ask the question why buy a na skyline ill tell u why exactly its a posers car my r34 (so called sports car) is worth ~15k, i could buy a vn wit reg for 1k and beat it, a mazda 3 would kill it fark theres not much on the road it can actually beat the reason people will ask those question is the same reason why u all ask ppl why they rice there lancers mirages protons civics etc... to the genius who says he blows away vz commodores in his r33 na, all i have to say is LOL are u running nos or somthing
  9. also another option, if you are not confident on running the wires, through. you could take the car just to the local mechanic(this isnt a hard job and any regular mechanic will suffice) which usually will charge around 70dollar ph labour and would charge you an hour or two at max !!
  10. hey mate, i dunno why you would pay anyone anything for this job, its simple. Run the wires through the same way you wud run a power wire for your amp, if your not sure on this root in a r34 look in the car audio section of these forums and there is a guide. The way is through the top corner of the drivers footwell, then you remove the wheel inner gaurd(or just the rear part) and it will follow through to the engine bay. With the gauges they will all have fittings/adaptors which the gauge box, should have instructions on where they should be fitted. in answer to your question re the oil filter, i would play it safe and drain all the oil into a clean container, and re fill it or even add another oil change in with the huge amount of money your saving by d.i.y ! Im honestly not sure how you would consider paying 300-600 for a job that should take an absolute noob like myself an afternoon at the most.
  11. hey mate, im using motul turbolight 4100 what makes you say its average?? has it decreased the performance in your car? has it created excess wear on your motor? or are you just saying its average due to all the posts you have read claiming only 300v is suitable and that turbolight is shit. Personally for myself, and possibly yourself, i do not race my car, do not thrash it very often, it is just a daily driver that sometimes is driven hard which i like to keep in the best possible condition. I think alot of people place too much emphasis on there oil types for street cars that are not pure performance cars. Just think if you took your car to the local mechanic down the road what would they put in?? my regular mechanic when i asked him what he would put in my car, he showed me some 20buk cheapo shell oil that he puts in all the cars with no complaints! For me the key is regular oil changes every 5k and i also think if it aint broke why fix it?? personally i would stick with the motul turbolight relativley cheap and does the job! although if you are still keen on the royal purple oils, i found some at autobarn in moorabin 99bux for 5 liters good luck either way mate!
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