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  1. thanks yeh not many people have been photoshopping anymore hav they
  2. some people reckon that the wheels dont look much different between the my09 and the my08 GTR but if you look at the white one that has been postd you can tell that theyre alot darker than the my08
  3. hi everyone i hav been bored and decided to start a photoshop comp. sorry no prizes this comp is just for fun if this goes well i might start another one! you can do anything to the car. colour change, body shape modifying, wheel changing, chopping on parts. please do not enter twice because as i said there is no prizes and it wont do anything. the car will an r32 GTR. good luck
  4. uncle anthony first you paint your cam covers blue and now you want them black. why???
  5. find ya an rx7 for ya not mine heres the link cheers http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...=366987&hl=
  6. hey mate i think i found ya a nice rx7 not ine but yeh heres the link cheers http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...c=366987&hl
  7. zillaman

    3d Art

    ive tried blender cant really get the hang of it i pretty much just cant get the images on a plane or whatever umm anyone got some clear tutorials or a crack for 3ds max wiould love to try that
  8. lol kinda took ya r34 and made somethin of it not finished would u be able to make the guards stand in a bit and i made it look polished by using colour dodge umm front bar isnt quite how idve liked it but anyway and ill throw my widened 370z in there aswel. sorry if i ruined your r34
  9. photoshop bible if fat the best check it out.... http://www.digimods.co.uk/tutorials/tutorials.htm
  10. zillaman

    3d Art

    the blender tutorials dont work atm anyone got somemore tutorials for blender?
  11. you can get those wheels from st george tyres in sydney i think.....
  12. the doors dont look realistic i can tell theyve been been cut out and chopped on but other than that great work
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