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  1. With more camber and a bit more of a flare on that lip it will definitely clear those guards. Not sure how much camber i have- i know id like some more. Ill post back when i get it aligned.
  2. Sorry to disappoint you mate but i assure you its possible. Unless I’ve somehow ended up in a parallel universe where my reality is different!! BC coilovers- which were ordered with 6/4kg springs (but who actually knows) No other magic. Its been done before- i don’t know what the hype is about! Doesnt scrub on full lock, and as you can see its quite low. I think there is room for more tyre tbh.
  3. Its real. Lol I did make a mistake though, the rears are +28 offset. 18x10 +38 with 20mm spacer front and 10mm rear No guard lining but apart from a roll, guards are standard.
  4. 18x10 +18 front and 18x10 +23 rear 285/35 semis all round. No rubbing. Stock gtst guards
  5. You could be onto something Ben.. Ill warm up the lube
  6. I could, but instead I’m putting the offer out there in the event that it becomes mutually beneficial for someone.
  7. Hi guys, I have tinted side (door) windows on my r33 but want to swap them for non tinted ones. Darkest legal tint when i had them done a few years back. Located in Sydney. Cheers Chris
  8. Thanks guys, just what i wanted to hear! [emoji4][emoji4]
  9. Keen on an r33 carbon bootlid. Ideally a ‘flush’ mount one as per photo: Cheers
  10. Hi folks, Anyone running proper 295 semi slicks (A050 or Z221) on a 10” wide wheel? I note that most run a 295 on a 10.5” rim Tyre shop bloke reckons a 295 is too wide but I am keen to hear real world experiences about how they feel on track. Cheers Chris
  11. BOV sold, everything else still available. Will take $120 for the remaining bits.
  12. Bump. Any interest in this stuff? Would rather not bin it all. Taking offers
  13. I have a brand new EPMAN adjustable steering wheel spacer (goes between wheel and boss kit) i am selling jf you are interested.