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  1. Yeedogga

    The last photo you posted up with the “These lines ———->” on it looks like an air conditioning condenser not a radiator?
  2. Yeedogga

    Hi all, I have had to pull out of this event so my entry is up for grabs. If anyone is keen to go and has not yet paid you can pay me for my spot and it is transferrable. PM if you are keen. Cheers Chris
  3. Yeedogga

    SAU Nickname: Yeedogga Car Make and Model: R33 GTS-t Circuit Name: Wakefield Park Lap time: 1:06.7 Timing method: Natsoft Modifications Engine: RB25DET unopened, GT3076, nistune Power: 290kw-ish Suspension: BC coilovers, Whiteline sway Bars, Hardrace adjustable arms Tyres: Used Hankook RS3 285/35 18 Brakes: D2 racing Chinese magic Street tyres are annoying. Probably going to throw them and get some proper tyres at some stage.
  4. Yeedogga

    Entered [emoji4][emoji4] If i can grab #88 that would be great. Looking forward to it!!!
  5. Hi all, Up for sale is my set of Lenso 18x9.5 wheels that have been powdercoated in a sensual blue lustre. They sit perfectly on an R33 GTS-t but you will need rolled guards if you have ‘dropped it like its hot’ There is a small (1.5 inch or so) rash on one wheel. Other than that they are in VGC. They are a good quality wheel and i had no hesitation in using them as track wheels. Fitted with a set of Hankook Z221 semi slicks in SOFT compound. (265/35/18) I havent had a chance to use them yet- i bought them off a chap who had used them once on a WRX. I’m told that the soft Z221’s are stickier than a fallen tree branch. Only selling as I have larger wheels on the car and don’t need these anymore. Its a great combo that should see you lapping faster than a thirsty dog in a water bowl. Chasing $1250 Located Blacktown NSW. PM for details Cheers Chris
  6. Yeedogga

    With more camber and a bit more of a flare on that lip it will definitely clear those guards. Not sure how much camber i have- i know id like some more. Ill post back when i get it aligned.
  7. Yeedogga

    Sorry to disappoint you mate but i assure you its possible. Unless I’ve somehow ended up in a parallel universe where my reality is different!! BC coilovers- which were ordered with 6/4kg springs (but who actually knows) No other magic. Its been done before- i don’t know what the hype is about! Doesnt scrub on full lock, and as you can see its quite low. I think there is room for more tyre tbh.
  8. Yeedogga

    Its real. Lol I did make a mistake though, the rears are +28 offset. 18x10 +38 with 20mm spacer front and 10mm rear No guard lining but apart from a roll, guards are standard.
  9. Yeedogga

    18x10 +18 front and 18x10 +23 rear 285/35 semis all round. No rubbing. Stock gtst guards
  10. You could be onto something Ben.. Ill warm up the lube
  11. I could, but instead I’m putting the offer out there in the event that it becomes mutually beneficial for someone.
  12. Hi guys, I have tinted side (door) windows on my r33 but want to swap them for non tinted ones. Darkest legal tint when i had them done a few years back. Located in Sydney. Cheers Chris
  13. Yeedogga

    Thanks guys, just what i wanted to hear! [emoji4][emoji4]