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  1. Thanks guys, just what i wanted to hear! [emoji4][emoji4]
  2. Keen on an r33 carbon bootlid. Ideally a ‘flush’ mount one as per photo: Cheers
  3. Hi folks, Anyone running proper 295 semi slicks (A050 or Z221) on a 10” wide wheel? I note that most run a 295 on a 10.5” rim Tyre shop bloke reckons a 295 is too wide but I am keen to hear real world experiences about how they feel on track. Cheers Chris
  4. BOV sold, everything else still available. Will take $120 for the remaining bits.
  5. Bump. Any interest in this stuff? Would rather not bin it all. Taking offers
  6. I have a brand new EPMAN adjustable steering wheel spacer (goes between wheel and boss kit) i am selling jf you are interested.
  7. Hi guys, Selling parts of my GT3076 setup that was on my RB25. Basically turns an internally gated GT3076 into external gate, to use with standard intake manifold etc. This allows much better boost control and allowed mine to make more boost down low, in circumstances where the factory Garret IW wasn't holding shut. Includes: - RB25DET factory cast manifold - Steel spacer to fit GT30 sized turbo - Genuine Garrett GT3076 .82 rear housing (5 bolt outlet flange, T3 inlet) with external wastegate flange professionally welded on (to suit Turbosmart HyperGate 45) Internal gate welded shut. - Dump pipe to suit 5 bolt turbo flange with external gate plumbed back in (including flex join) - Modified 'J' pipe with relocated AAC pipe & GFB Respons BOV (recirculate or vent to atmo) - Modified OEM heat shield - Modified OEM hotside intercooler pipe (to accommodate 2" 90* bend from comp outlet) - Steel brace (Gibson motorsport inspired) to support turbo and prevent stud flex/warpage This setup worked really well and I am only selling as I have put a 6boost manifold on. All you need is a Turbosmart HyperGate 45 and the dump/ wastegate pipe should all line up. $300 ono for the whole lot. Located Blacktown, NSW. PM for more details.
  8. How does the research not help?! How does the turbo manufacturer's answer not help?! Don't use a restrictor. Simple. The turbo is obviously not designed to use the factory oil feed. For turbo longevity you need a new oil feed that doesnt have a restrictor. But given your response to everyone else's advice thus far I think I'll leave you to it.
  9. OP: Do some research and learn what purpose the restrictor actually serves. It will answer all of your questions. This is a good start:
  10. I think the stock oil feed has a restrictor in built in the banjo bolt. I would suggest leaving the restrictor out if its a journal bearing turbo. You also need to make sure the oil drain is done right for 2 reasons; 1. If it doesnt flow properly, you'll have too much oil pressure in the turbo cartridge and potentially blow oil past the seals. 2. If it leaks, its a great way to start an oil fire if it ends up spraying on hot exhaust parts. (Especially if the thing is running leaner than a marathon runner and everything is baking hot)
  11. Is the new POS turbo a ball bearing or journal bearing unit? If it's a journal bearing it will need plenty of oil flow to keep the bearing suspended, so probably don't need the restrictor. If its a BB turbo then leave restrictor in. Unless the oil seals are made of cheese so the manufacturers supplied a restrictor to prevent them from leaking.
  12. Honestly mate, You are better off buying this OP6 turbo (see pic below) and selling all the aftermarket stuff you bought. The OP6 (RB25NEO) turbo should bolt straight up and you can use all the OEM shit. Will cost you much less in the long run and will work as designed by Nissan, not dodge backyard customs
  13. Thanks heaps for taking the time to reply Dale- i very much appreciate it. I decided to keep the 3076 as it meets my needs for now. I have ordered a brand new 6boost with a single entry T3/ ext gate and got a new T3 / V band rear housing to go with it. I'm interested to see if it increases power/response but will be happy with just an increase in reliability and decrease in likelihood of turbo falling off the manifold!! Cheers!!