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  1. bluejeans

    ahah well I much prefer a nice drive through the mountains or around the coast than 1/4 mile etc.. and am looking forward to seeing which cruises are coming up! so ill still be hanging around if I had of known i may have tagged along lol yeah exactly man, I would hate to be denied a warranty claim if I needed one due to driving like an idiot straight out of the box
  2. bluejeans

    i bought it new
  3. bluejeans

    absolutely loving it! though i am driving like a grandma as I'm sticking to the break in schedule (I'm a bit ocd about things like that) lol wont be tracking soon, too worried about writing it off! he has already made me an offer! hey mate, I actually think it may have been! if it was down towards Chelsea area? I was saying to my passanger, "here is a nice r32 up ahead and they were pretty much saying "what does that even mean?!" nice car man!
  4. bluejeans

    pulled the trigger and bought an r35 just over a week ago, love it! hope to get to some meets soon!
  5. bluejeans

  6. Panasport G7-C5C 18x10.5 +15 has all 4 center caps. one has a very small buckle. only found it out from seeing it move while on dyno, while driving wasn't noticeable at all - been quoted $150 for repair. has small gutter-rash on one wheel. $1500 for the set need these gone!
  7. bluejeans

    Buy nismo because nismo!
  8. Price drop $25,000 as is. $24,000 BYO wheels.
  9. bluejeans

    anyone have a pre-order on a PS4 or looking to buy a PS4? I have a spare one which is still sealed and un-opened + battlefield 4 sealed and un-opened also.. was going to give to gf but she is now ex gf so my loss is your gain!
  10. bluejeans

    Damn much better than I was expecting! Thanks guys
  11. bluejeans

    Anyone know what prices to list on carsales are like?
  12. Had a few offers but nothing concrete - I'm flexible with price. Also willing to sell without wheels if you want to provide your own.
  13. bout as much as you have spent on your 4 door