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  1. Its the engine shutting down and restarting between gears Still horrid though
  2. Sounds simple enough, my RS will be elegible at the end of the year so will definitely be getting onto it.
  3. That's not a laptop, that's a desktop you can fold.
  4. Fkn poly pools are so good
  5. You decided mean :'(
  6. Decided I should annual pop my head in.
  7. Sauvic still doing club reg?
  8. Hello
  9. Long time no see. Here's my current daily
  10. Fark me, kent losing his shit about a treat jesus.
  11. In for PM just because.
  12. Whats?
  13. She'll be right.
  14. Dat 2l torque doe.
  15. Gotta love kiwiland sometimes. ARC airbox for my car, scarcity makes Skyline ones look commonplace... $30NZD