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  1. Originally posted by Bling_Bling Who cares it just all fun that whole idea hey. Yeah its great fun, but mind u i also like getting my dick caught in a blender,
  2. thats funny big fella because i seem to remember u saying somthing on another, soon to be more popular thread. "Dude I'm a victorian and now i can get out of the place. I think all the sunshine and heat does wierd shit to your brain. Either that or it's that nasty wee wee they drink up here called xxxx. . . . Keiichi Tsuchiya is the second incarnation" "swish"
  3. heres a Q to whoever, what would be the chances of importin a 4x4 2.4L PETROL hilux(that has nt been slammed on its guts) and what sort of price, would it involve R there any good importers in Rocky?
  4. when i can find one, does any one know of a good kenworth 4 sale?
  5. na ive got a new plan, ground up project ,i bought a set of air horns from the rocky swap on saturday
  6. And jishwa said that they are only $219 for the 33" mongrals. Need a set for his puslux
  7. do u reccon they ll be cheap, for like 33s, oh yeah we are talkin bajas, not drag tyres
  8. wow... digsy_20 thats sweet, hit brocky cutter with some prices, brocky cutter likes it Digsy_20 oh yeah joshy said that there makin mongrels in 33x12.5 how cool is that, it think he s touching himself
  9. Have you boys seen the 4 door, i think it is a r32 with the number plates niz32. Cause it looks so fat
  10. theres some pretty cool photos on the site, but the best has got to be on digsys page, its the first one and its a little out of focus
  11. hey dan if old mate is right and u use a few tyres for ur little motorcarna, u might have to go and visit ur mate u got the hilux tyres from, if u need i can spot u a twenty, that should get u a few sets
  12. is taht ur car dev?, and if so does powers gold come like that
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