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  1. Notoras Motorsport are down in Fyshwick and have set up some pretty serious japanese cars, mainly known for their work on Evos and Hondas, but im sure they have worked on Skylines also. Could be a good starting place? https://www.facebook.com/pg/notarasmotorsport https://www.notarasmotorsport.com.au/ Inline suspension in Queanbeyan have good feedback also, as well as Racing Ready motorsport in West Belconnen. https://www.truelocal.com.au/business/inline-steering-and-suspension/queanbeyan https://www.racingready.com.au
  2. I had hot starting problems after installing a larger fuel pump and larger grounding relay. It ended up being the original fuel pump module not wanting to send the correct signal to the pump. Once the module was bypassed, car now starts when hot without issue. Just another thing to consider.
  3. Yep they are a no-brainer when replacing coils. I went with wiring specialties over oem as they seem to have attempted to improve over the standard item with good connectors and cables. The only upgrade i think that futureproofs the ignition further is going r35 coils with the PRP adapter plate rather than sticking with the standard aftermarket replacement coils.
  4. Just got my car back today from MRC Mark said he replaced the 3 standard drive belts with smaller sized ones to fit the smaller underdriven pulleys correctly. Worth noting for anyone else looking at replacing their balancer as the original belts can be chucked back back on, but not ideal. Mine was the basic metal jacket version that is compatible with AC in stock location. While the car was there I also got my injectors serviced so i got Mark to spin it up on the dyno to do a check over and a few power runs to ensure the balancer and fuel were doing what they were supposed to for peace of mind.
  5. Another thread over on the performance forums with additonal info. They accomodate the trigger kit nicely, i think prep and correct installation goes a long way to making them work correctly. https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eperformanceforums%2Ecom%2Fforums%2Fshowthread%2Ephp%3Ft%3D67228295&share_tid=67228295&share_fid=3371&share_type=t
  6. Sry just found the post saying rhdjapan, all good, awesome pics, been a dream of mine to get out there for TAS.
  7. great coverage! Woule be keen on the wise square lenses for my 34, how much and who did you get them through? ;
  8. Also related - the installation guide pertaining to RB motors which outlines a few key points including pulley alignment, crank snout inspection etc. https://rossperformanceparts.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Ross-Tuffbond-Harmonic-Damper-Installation-Instructions.pdf
  9. Adding this old thread from 2012 about Ross balancers to consolidate the info;
  10. From reading other's experiences, i think both ATI and Ross units have been the culprit of throwing belts. Where i have read more regarding the Ross is like the above case where there has been some evident damage to the nose of the crank. Not sure if that is something that still exists with the long-nose crank RB26s, hoping it has been resolved with the newer units.
  11. Yeah interesting, hopefully all the new gear (balancer and engine/trans mounts) doesn't wake up the nissan and cause and unwarranted reaction. The idea was to try and keep the bottom end happy for as long as possible. Reading the ATI thread, they have also had a number of reported issues of belts been spat. Alot of workshops are using ATI ie. Dahtone, Powertune and PMC, but to my knowledge, CRD and my tuner (MRC - they've used both without issues) use the Ross units.
  12. I've just ordered a new Ross balancer (the basic metal jacket one) for my 300kw RB26 @ 110,000kms stock 8400rpm redline, doing it as a bit of preventative maintenance together with engine/trans mounts. Speaking to them, since they were bought out by omega 2013-14, there were several design changes to alleviate the tendancy of the old ones to spit power steering belts, as well as repeatability for more consistent manufacturing batches. They have since introduced their own in-house CNC machining. Their balances are also serviceable for around $300 (replacement of the rubber cartridge). My tuner also mentioned he prefers the placement of the crank trigger (potential future upgrade together with ECU) on the Ross. I know alot of people has since moved on with ATI, they mentioned around 50% of their sales are overseas with NZ being a big customer base for them, interested if anyone can add any insider knowledge here regarding these?
  13. I had this recently on my R34, after upgrading the fuel pump and the grounding relay, as well as modified the stock FPR, car would have to sit for atleast 20-30mins after stopping before it would kick over turned out to be the original fuel pump module. Once the tuner bypassed it, it seemed to resolve the issue.
  14. Kudos has stock and are clearing them at good rates from what i can see? https://www.facebook.com/Kudos.Motorsports/posts/10156659882236265 Kudos Motorsports January 11 · -=Borg Warner EFR Turbocharger Clearance=- We're over stocked on Borg Warner EFR 9180 & 8374 turbochargers, we have both internally & externally gates units on-shelf @ prices that will not be repeated. 179357 - EFR 8374-C (0.92 A/R, T4 Split, Internally Gated) - $3,190.00 179393 - EFR 8374-D (1.05 A/R, T4 Split, Externally Gated) - $3,030.50 12809880000 - EFR 9180-C (0.92 A/R, T4 Split, Internally Gated) - $3,300.00 179394 - EFR 9180-D (1.05 A/R, T4 Split, Externally Gated) - $3,030.50 We have limited stock and there will be no holds.
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