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  1. I think closed deck B58 in the M140i is the way to go of the Euros, but still a lot of forced induction and lack of affordable aftermarket that the86 and MX-5 have due to the improved production race series.
  2. Totally with you, 90s and 00s Japanese cars are not the performance bargains they were 10yrs ago. Since then, they have gained cult-status, changed too many hands and been neglected too far to be turn-key drive-hard cars. What you lose in 'presence' and street-cred you gain in trouble free, under-warranty hard-driven ks. I owned a AE86 for about 18mths and loved the simplicity and driving thrills under 100kph so outright power is a non-issue for me, but it was so worn out and plagued with issues by the time i got hold of it, it sent me broke and even when it was running, there would be a growing list of items needing attention in the short and long term future of owning the car. At this point of my life, I feel like it's worth spending the extra on a brand new car, enjoying alot of the trouble-free k's and then as it hits that 80-120,000k mark you start forking out to keep it going if you really like it. Rather than saving a few buck buying a flogged car already at that mileage and spend the majority of your ownership fixing or putting money way to fix inevitable problems.
  3. Very happy for you Mark, i have been living vicariously through your 86 journey as I am trying to edge myself to sell the GTR and simplify to a 1-wheel drive, 1 diff, no turbos and more time in the rev-zone type of car.
  4. You must be so proud, that is an awesome result as a parent I would imagine.
  5. Thanks mate, have always wondered what and where to source rear rotors for N/A 34's, mum's car is due up soon and good to have the info on hand. Cheers.
  6. Welcome mate, very nice garage and in the right colours!
  7. JGTC

    https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/l468560753 Sold recently for around $35 aud which would be closer to $80 shipped. just keep an eye on yahoo auctions i usually use the key term BNR32, BCNR33 or BNR34 as you will get all sorts of goodies related to those chassis numbers pop up.
  8. Good info, thanks for posting, we rarely get a chance to look at back to back data.
  9. JGTC

    Mark @ MRC Dyno and Performance in Castle Hill have inspected 5 cars for me in the past, very thorough, and has found issues that other reputable mechanics had missed. When requesting an inspection, ask for a hoist check-over, compression test and a health check power run on the dyno (to see for leaks, air flow consistency, ignition breakdown and issues at full throttle, the total cost is about $200 which is extremely comprehensive. If it helps breaks the ice tell him Daniel with the Black R34 GTR forwarded his details to you.
  10. Bowdens have a nice range of low-cure time sprays available which make application and buffing very easy, my pref is boss gloss as i can use it on my drying towel while i drying the car without having to buff off any residue all the other solutions require a buff-off stage after applying. glazes(afterglow) detailers/1-step drying aids (boss gloss) waxes (lazy wax) sealants (fully slick)
  11. JGTC

    From memory it their rate was $110/hr, i supplied most of my own fluids so i think all up it was approx 6-7hrs labour. Belts and water pump were done a few mths prior.
  12. JGTC

    What part of Sydney are you in? Just had the same done for my R34 by Mark at MRC Performance & Dyno in Castle Hill, very knowledgeable with all things RB, also the best troubleshooter i've been to, he's solved many issues other repuatable workshops either caused or hadn't picked up on. They offer a really good health-check / inspection which includes a quick run on the dyno to make sure all is in order also, mention this as it's really worth the $120 odd dollars so you know what you're up against for future mods etc. If it helps break the ice, mention Daniel with the black R34 GTR suggested you call. https://www.facebook.com/MRCDynoServices
  13. Wrapping the headlights is a genius idea, spotless carpet and factory looking radio are fantastic.
  14. JGTC

    Fantastic to hear, glad to hear it is on the road being driven.
  15. JGTC

    Awesome, good to hear Mark, i totally agree with you on that simple layout is best as i get older, more fun at less speed with less to go wrong.