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  1. Nice, would sound the goods with the cams and the ti front pipe & catback.
  2. i have 275/35 on my 10.5+15s, running standard guards and close to 1.2-1.4 deg camber. My wheel alignment guy who preps and races IPRA was happy with the sidewall rake on 265 (Yoko AD08R) and 275 (Hankook RS4) from a functional/performance point of view. You can fit 265-305, but i think the general consensus is 285 and up you might have to consider rolled guards/camber to fit depending how low the car is.
  3. Mark at MRC Dyno in Seven Hills is an auto elec by trade, has done alot of troubleshooting for my R34 over the years. https://www.google.com/search?q=mrc+dyno&rlz=1C1CAFC_enAU850AU850&oq=mrc&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j0j69i59j0l5.1535j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  4. This thread has a bit more recent info on both Ross and ATI, there are tuners using both, namely PMC race engines use ATI, and CRD (croydon racing dev. in sydney) use Ross Ross have recently re-designed (Rel. Jul 2019) their balancers to have an integrated crank trigger which also allows them to have a larger dampening surface for their balancers. Their base model is now rated to 800hp, up from 600 i believe. I have their older base metal jacket version installed on my 300kw RB26, i believe correct installation per application is important to the longevity of these balancers. ATI's are USA made and can be rebuilt by anyone with a modular cartridge, and Ross are made in Aus and will need to be sent back to their base in VIC to be rebuilt.
  5. Marvelous, box whine on a street car must get old at some point, but for us peon spectators it is fantastic.
  6. Black on silver alloys is the G.O, really nice!
  7. First time round on the their dyno i netted 320kw at the rear wheels (MRC remove the front driveshaft to preserve the standard front A-LSD diff). I recently went in for a touch-up tune with brand new sticky tyres and they had also just re-calibrated their dyno, as a result i saw a lower 300rwkw outright but same low and mid range. My mod list here -
  8. Where abouts in Sydney are you? I've had multiple cars inspected, worked on, tuned and troubleshooted including my R34 with -9s and supporting mods on power FC at MRC in Seven Hills in western sydney and very happy with his work, feedback and attitude towards tuning. Have been back several times for other mods and troubleshooting and am happy to have found a good one-stop-shop in Mark.
  9. What suburb is the car in? Mark @ MRC in seven hills is very thorough i've had cars serviced and inspected there, and JEM in ingleburn are also reportedly good operators.
  10. All the yes, practical, performance and presence!
  11. Yes all coilover sets i've seen suit both BNR34 and BCNR33 chassis, what coil overs are you going for? Easy way to check on the manufacturer's website.
  12. What ever your current diff and gearbox can handle, as they pretty much double the scope and cost of a build to upgrade. Generally the 300-350rwkw mark with some pushing to 400kw while keeping things affordable.
  13. Ah right worth taking to another suspension or wheel alignment shop for them to look over the work done, could be something simple with the installation causing the alignment issues.
  14. We have have a 25GT with standard suspension, the front and rear camber is pretty close to neutral with little to no wear on the inside. Common for cars that are lowered on springs or coliovers to exert excessive rear camber, is your issue on the front or rear?
  15. Notoras Motorsport are down in Fyshwick and have set up some pretty serious japanese cars, mainly known for their work on Evos and Hondas, but im sure they have worked on Skylines also. Could be a good starting place? https://www.facebook.com/pg/notarasmotorsport https://www.notarasmotorsport.com.au/ Inline suspension in Queanbeyan have good feedback also, as well as Racing Ready motorsport in West Belconnen. https://www.truelocal.com.au/business/inline-steering-and-suspension/queanbeyan https://www.racingready.com.au
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