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  1. bazz84

    34 Afm

    Hi all. Looking for a pair of r34 afms. Preferably in Sydney Cheers
  2. Thanks for the advice, i have cleaned the iacv (bitch of a job and didnt try to take off the sealant). Put it back in and now it runs on (only drove it for 20minutes) i noticed when i turn on the AC the revs drop :S any ideas? cheers
  3. what will unplugging the o2 sensor do? i thought the O2 sensor was only at idle an shouldnt affect how the car accelerated. If the cat was blocked, wouldnt it hunt and have lack of power at all times, including when its cold?
  4. will do on weekend thanks for advice mate cheers
  5. hi all ive had my 32 for 4 years without a problem, but recently it has been hunting and turning off car starts first go in the morning, Drives fine for a while. then suddenly starts hunting anf stalling mostly on idle also can feel the car sluggish when accelerating sometimes Its standard car with 3" exhaust and pod filters ive changed the spark plugs abd basic service cleaned the AFMs any advice is much appreicated
  6. yeah thats the issue, they do a range of internal diameters. from 15mm to 24mm. Just not sure which 1 is the GTR. anyways ill get it measures properly
  7. hi all, Ive been trying to find some Dlinks for a rear R32 GTR. Ive gone through the nolathane catalogue and it seems that the size is not consistant to what i measured. It is definately a stock R32 GTR unit. any idea where i can find one? cheers
  8. sorry to bring back and old thread, but does anyone use castrol super DOT4 on their r32 GTR? its glycol based so i thought it would work, but the bottle says not to be used when dot 3 only recommended
  9. hi ill ive searched thisn but notn sure of the final answer. Have a r32 gtr and want to put r33 brembos, Can i get away with just the front or will the change the ratio, I.e are the rears the similar? cheers
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