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  1. Thanks man! I will for sure... I should be meeting up with this same group this weekend and then again for R32 / R33 days... (3/2/19, 3/3/19) for some meets!
  2. Hey guys, Long time member here from the USA living in Malaysia. I just thought I'd share a couple of my recent vlogs related to a couple R32/R34/R35 Skyline gatherings or interactions here in Malaysia. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to get out that way to Australia too and vlog a bunch of the skylines there too! Thanks for checking them out! Dustin M.
  3. I wasnt sure where to post this request but im curious to see how gold rims would look on a wine red r33 gts-t. The rims im particularly interested in are the Volk GT-Us. Thanx
  4. Well i live here in USA, so finding a wrecked Skyline anywhere here is as rare as finding one on the road. They dont keep Skyline parts here in stock so i wouldnt even know where to look over here. Im pickin up a GTS-T R32 so i was just curious to see if they had any available. So if the ones above wont fit a GTS-T, any ideas where to pick a set up?
  5. ok good stuff. I see 2 diff ones. And i dont read Japanese. haha. So whats the difference between the 2 or are they the same thing. I see they are both 38,000 yen
  6. Hey, I was curious to see if they make clear turn signals to replace the amber turn singals on the front? I've been lookin but cant find any.
  7. Just wanted to know if HKS has a super dragger exhaust for the R33 GTR. I think they make one for GTS-T but was wondering if they did for the GTR as well.
  8. Steve: The reason it is so much to legalize is because there is only one place in the whole country that can legalize the cars. Motorex. So basically, they can charge whatever they want really. Not like i have anywhere else to take it. They have to do the whole VIN number, gauge cluster change, emissions, etc... to make it up to american standards. American standards suck.
  9. Over here, I can get a R33 GTS-T for about $4,500 with about 30-60,000 miles. All american. Not sure how much that would all translate into Australian currency and kilometers. But to legalize it would be about $17,000 american. Still, $22,000 isnt too bad for a turbo car with semi low miles on a 1995 car that is rarer than ferraris and lambos. The look of a kid with a civic is well worth it when i speed by his ass makin him think he is Japan for a split second. haha. The R32 GTR is cool too but i like the body style much more on the R33. For all those parts to make the power isnt so bad cause i work at a speed shop down here so i get all my parts at cost, plus we custom fabricate parts like plenums, headers, etc.. etc... Plus we specialze in the Z32 over here so we have AFMs and stuff like that just laying around. I am now more convinced and enthused about buyin the GTS-T now after reading the good comments. Dustin
  10. Whats up all... i wanna import the GTS-T and wanna pull some big numbers. Atleast 500+hp. Have there been many people do this? Over here in the US its all Supra and RX-7s... blah blah blah. People go nuts when they see Skylines here and I cant afford to get a GTR. I figure the 95 GTST is my next best choice. I still think i can pull the same power out of that motor as i could a GTR. Lemme know what u guys have done HP wise...
  11. Whoops... i missed the currency converter... thanx for all the help and info. U all made my life a lot easier. Plus im goin to AUS maybe in late Sept. so hopefully i can check out these places in person. That will be such a trip to see Skyline parts on the shelves as oppose to civics or something. lol
  12. Wow, i really like that UAS website. They have pretty much everything i was lookin for in choices. How much does the A$ compare to the US$? Same or diff.?
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