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  1. I still think 'Kid's Heart' is a weird name...
  2. Hey guys I've finally gotten around to addressing this problem on my car. The rear windscreen washer isn't squirting any water out, while the front ones are working fine. I've had a look on the forums and I've come to the conclusion that the hose is probably blocked. What I'd like to know is, has anyone else had this problem? and if so, how did you go about fixing it? I assume I'm going to have to remove the head liner if possible. Thanks in advance
  3. I was actually just being cheeky, but ok
  4. What kind of clunk? I get A deep-ish sounding one (deeper and less repetitive than CV joints) when I'm turning corners in town.
  5. mr_infamy

    Commo Losers

    5g? Ouch Mine's still worth 7 That's the thing about S1 Stags over here though, easy to write off, just as easy to replace
  6. Not too hard to see why I get the hearse ones too, despite mine being as white is that one is black.
  7. The M35 still has some Volvo looks to it, more from the back than the front though.
  8. It does look a bit like a forester that's been squashed
  9. ...walked right into that one. Good shot.
  10. Your stag is shaping up to be fairly unique, with this and the door trim and the lights...
  11. Yes, it's the WA32 Cef wagon. I really wanted to buy this car when I was in high school, but I found out it only had a 2 litre engine, which I still think would be underpowered, that and the dealer wanted $NZ10,000 for it. probably due to those 19 inch wheels. Someone did end up buying it after about a year, and I see it cruising round town regularly. No regrets though, I still prefer the Stagea. If I want to drive a WA32 I make up an excuse to drive Dads one.
  12. I didn't know how to pronounce 'Stagea' until I actually got one. For years I was placing all the emphasis on the 'g', like you would the 'fe' in 'Cefiro' or the 'me' in 'Primera'. I didn't at any time consider that it might be a soft 'g', so for ages people were like 'wha? what's he on about?'
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