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  1. hey guys... as the add says im looking for a working cluster out of an R33 with around 140k on the clock (my car is a 93 to be exact) my RPM's dont work and im gonna try sell the car soon.. let me no on here if you got one or my email is [email protected] cheers guys
  2. um.. they felt lighter then the stock rims but i will go home tonight and weigh one of them for ya
  3. for sale are these stern rims that came on my r33 skyline. the fronts are 8" wide and the rears are 9". the rims have a fair few scratchs on the lips (think the last owner was a gimp haha) but nothing real deep and wheels are not buckled. i have photos of the rims on my car but they are on my phone, so if ya wanna see em on the car just text me on 0418395806. i am after $300 ONO i am located in SE suburbs of melb.. they are of a gts-t so the stud pettern is 5x 114.3? (correct me if im wrong) so they fit supra soarer s14 15 gtr blah blah blah but i am not sure of the offset
  4. im not sure if this is the right place to post this but can some one help me on the rb25 hot pipe. i want to change it to a polished one but i can find one anywere, does any one know were i can get one or can you polish the stock one??
  5. hey bro, i got one for sale if your still looking, its in my adds.
  6. hey bud, i got a kenwood headunit for sale, not sure if its what your after, its in my adds, let me know if ya can find it. cheers ben
  7. this T25 turbo came of a mates sr20det. worked great, no problems with it.. the turbo has been high flowed and was making 190rwkw with this turbo.. i also have the turbo manifold and a few other pipes that came of it. you can just have em with the turbo.. asking $150 ono i am located in the southern suberbs of melbourne.. i have more photos if you are intrested but these sum it up..
  8. hey guys, this head unit came in my car.. its just been sitting around... im located in southern suberbs of melb.. or i can post it. asking $40 + postage
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