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  1. looks like a good buy mate . if only my bike would sell, i would come and have a look at it
  2. g'day mate, put me down for one in black
  3. thats bloody cheap mate. if i sell my bike anytime soon ill be giving you a ring. id even drive down from brissie for that price
  4. You got any side boot trim, centre aircon vent surround, parcel shelf and or the knobs on the boot that hold up the parcel shelf? and what is the condition of the dash? Cheers
  5. looks good mate, id love to do a conversion like this on my 180
  6. Yeh TPG or AAPT has the unlimited off peak for 50 a month i think
  7. mph

    Forza 3

    looks bloody good, cant wait til it comes out
  8. BF2 on PC Skate 2 on Xbox360
  9. ive got... Case: Thermaltake Armour+ Motherboard: Asus p5nt-deluxe CPU & CPU Cooler: Intel Q6600@ 2.8ghz, Thermaltake water cooling block RAM: 8gig DDR2 @ 800mhz Monitor: 22" Acer LCD, with 37" LCD for movies Graphics Card: Tri-sli 8800GTX HDD(s): 750gb, 500gb, 320gb with 2x 1tb soon OS Used: Vista x64 Home Premium Peripherals: Keyboard - Logitech G15, Mouse - Some wireless logitech one
  10. very nice car mate, if still for sale in early jan id be very keen
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