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  1. Really interested, Shame you are in S.A and not W.A
  2. Vegeta has angered dans pube crabs
  3. It needs to be in a sealed box with a pipe leading to the outside of the car, otherwise gases from the battery can escape(and if it were in a sealed box it would not be good for the battery).
  4. Have a 5/5 Conq warrior with mainly best in slot items(except those god damned rings) http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.x...&n=Trollenz and 4/5 val 7.5 rogue with perilous bite and webbed death http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.x...amp;n=Stricklol both on frosty and a bunch of other 60-75 chars spread across us/oceanic servers even the guild <TROLLEN IS THE BEST> on dread Really don't know how much i want for it but send a pm and we can discuss. and you can have the name of one of the best dps warriors whose ever played oceanic, yey >.>
  5. I'm considering selling mine soon to buy a chaser or a IS200 (if the money lets me) Mine is by no means stock but if you are interested send a us a PM.
  6. Had work done on my car a few weeks back, tune and exhaust redone and a few other mods... Good price, Good guys. They call about 1-2 times a day just to keep you informed on how the car is going which I felt was really reassuring.
  7. Skylines are terrible cars. Everyone on this forums hates them... On a sidenote: Why would you ask here, you're obviously going to get a bias response.
  8. you boast about how many accidents you've been in... cool story bro.
  9. I have my plates mounted on the side too and sure enough, the cameras do see it. Honestly, I look awesome in that photo. Cya $150.
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