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  1. Selling all the moulds for my car, this includes: Dashboard, complete OEM version $1500 Rear diffuser will fit OEM car rear $700 Rear wing custom profile dual element $1000 Front end clip unfinished high density foam cut as seem in the build thread $2,000 Or the lot $5,000 Pick up Sydney, or crate delivery can be arranged.
  2. http://www.detailparadise.com.au/showthread.php?8692-Solid-Black-GTR
  3. As you might know I recently picked up a second hand black 2010 R35 from victoria and had it delivered up to me in Brisbane by CEVA logistics with 17,000km on the clock. The car was completely standard and in very good nick inside and out aside from a few things. There was gutter rash on all four wheels which I had Depulu at ashmore on the gold coast fix up - really great job I have to say - and fitted a new set of bridgstones. In addition to the gutter rash on the wheels there were a few gouges out of the rear of both side skirts and the front lip from many parking indescretions. I had them professionally repaired on site by a prestige car touch up guy (Caedmon Foy from Superfinish) and aside from some orange peel effect, they were mint afterwards. Then I got in James from Autoglamour to do the paint correction. I knew that althought he car was in very good nick otherwise, that the paint was rogered. James has done a really good job. The car does literally look like new again. I imagine the paint is probably in better condition now than many black R35's are delivered in. here is a link to his documentation of the process, the photos dont do it justice but are a good example of how bad this paint can get. http://autoglamour.com.au/R35GTR/ here is a sample of before: And some rpogress of the polishing... 50/50
  4. Vic license plates for sale MYR-35 Black with White text. VGC $695
  5. Vic license plates for sale MYR-35 Black with White text. VGC $695
  6. lots of other stuff in my thread http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/409223-qscanmercury-r35-time-attack-car-parting-out/
  7. Shell is sold! plenty of good stuff to go yet. make me some offers! see link in my sig.
  8. the shell is sold! going to a good home. dont muck around guys, lots of top quality near new stuff here. somebody take the engine/turbos and tranny off me, I gurantee it is the best price anyone in aus will hope to achieve on this awesome alpha 10 setup I want an alpha 10 on the streets in Aus!! dont forget I will consider swap for your stock engine/turbos and tranny. this will save you bucketloads on import duties/taxes/freight etc not to mention the months and moths of waiting and the big discount on new prices. sutoms into and out of the states with theengines/tranny is a pain in the arse and expensive I can tell you.
  9. if anyone is interested in taking over the project for WTAC 2013, Mercury would love the opportunity to partner with the right person.
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