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  1. Hey guys As title suggests, I am chasing the centre section of a 3" exhaust from the cat to about the subframe to suit a 32. Preferably without resonator or muffler and as close to Newcastle 2300 as possible Contact via PM with price and location Cheers!
  2. Hey guys/gals As title suggests, I'm chasing a Cefiro/Laurel manual tail shaft as close to Newcastle, NSW as possible. Given the rarity of these I am also chasing a R32 gtst manual tail shaft as an alternative Please text or call Kevin 0435 218 151 Cheers
  3. Won't be for sale much longer! Also no finance is owed on it... Completely clear title If it doesnt sell I will be putting it into storage. Cheers!
  4. .. I still have this No ones keen on RX7's these days? Price dropped to $28000 ono
  5. Item: 2000 model Red FD3S Location: Hunter valley (near Newcastle) Item Condition: V.Good Reason for Selling: Doesn't get driven enough Price and Payment Conditions: 31000ono First owner in Australia with only 415XX km's on it. The car has; - HKS Coilovers - HKS intake with filters - HKS turbo timer - Kakimoto 3" inch cat back with 3.5" tip (sexual) - Advan RG II's with Dunlop sp sport9000 245/40R18 rear. Dunlop Le mans lm703 225/40R18 front. (bit of stretch) The car was bought basically as it is in '07 and has only traveled a handful of k's. The front lip has been colour coded to match the car but has suffered a small chip and a bit of cracked paint. Easily repaired or stick a fatlace/illest sticker over it and people will think that you're the man. Rims have a nick here or there but look great. The car has always been stored in a garage, the oil checked before start up and always adequately warmed up and cooled down before driving/switching off. Comes with 12months rego. Time wasters need not apply. No test drivers, only co-pilots for those who are serious about purchasing the car. Will try to get pics up tonight or tomorrow Open to offers, The worst that can happen is a no. PM me or Contact 0435218151 Thanks for reading!
  6. Thanks, yeh the next step is to place it all in the engine bay and see how long of a trumpet can be made up.. and then maybe see what can be done with the cams. Its been somewhat of a steep learning curve with alot of research being done. It's all a bit of fun though Nope, this is what we did... I saw your thread back when it was first started and had to take it into serious consideration lol. Awesome way to do it and was in fact my plan of attack for a while. Ended up going with modifying the stock manifold due to the benefit of being able to use the standard injectors. If we were to do it again i'd say we'd probably go a different route due to the amount of blending that was needed..
  7. The pic is used for a reason.. to tease. aha Gtr throttle bodies have a 45mm dia butterfly.. Ive been watching your build with quite a bit of interest, looks and sounds awesome. Basically, im not really into talking too much crap until its all put together. And at this point its no where near that lol. This is just a pic of the initial mockup after the intake manifold was modified and i thought id share it.. But generally the basic make up is; - Series 2 rb30 block. - R33 vct head. - Rb25 pistons. - Rb25 intake manifold modified to suit the gtr itb's. - R32 gtr itb's. Oh and the thread title is taken from the song Oh yeah by yello
  8. Awesome, its good to see someone else building a high comp N/A motor for a vl How did you find the spool rods? From the website they seem to be a strong rod, just interested in what you/maybe your engine builder thought of them? I was thinking of buying a set too for my engine but was a little unsure.. Sorry for being a bit off topic, i think the vl will have it due to the power to weight ratio.. mines about 1210kg off the top of my head but it's just a basic SL model. Keep us posted! Kev
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