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  1. if they play up and cause issues i will change them to something better but for now im leaving em in. and i know about the fakes and the red ones etc. not dissing just trying to figure out what is best for what i have atm. he was running 1.2 bar with them. but 1.8 i would understand you want top of the line stuff for that power if anything happens to em i will upgrade to splits. currently looking at injectors to order but not sure to go with nismo 550 or id1000.
  2. he had old yellow jackets laying around and installed them til he got new splitfires. the YJ he had no issues and even drove to sydney n back thrashed it around the hills never caused a problem. but he has splitfires now. ive read a lot through this n dyno page a lot making good power with similar set up.
  3. lol ive had no issues with em for couple years or so. including my mates r33 that his had for years too. my mate bought new splitfire and didnt last a year in his R32 poor bugger
  4. hey man forgot to reply to it my bad. how much more is it? as im trying to stick to a budget. the z32 ive got is pretty clean was only used for about 4 weeks. with a g3 turbo and my set up would love to see how much i can get out of it on the dyno. forgot to add i have yellow jacket coilpacks in.
  5. cheers for the replies and info i'll be looking at parts and when to do turbo as its my daily there isnt a way to squeeze an extra 10kw to make it 260kw with my blitz fmic ive heard good things about nistune n Z32 but i take your word hypergear you guys do amazing work! any links for good value nismo injectors? cheers
  6. ive read some making that power walbro 255 just 600pages worth trying to find what i need to know and specially other topics trying to search. my cooler is 620 x 266 x 76mm im hoping thats good enough to maintain 260kw ive read that some made way more than that with one
  7. cheers for the input guys, but im not interested in top feed or e85 at this stage. i've seen and read about mad power with hi flowed side feeds. and Z32 i got off my mate he had it on his r32 gtr that was running 370kw with it. seeing what my power figures could be with this set up or if anyone here has the same sort of set up in their 33 to let me know how it is
  8. hi i would love to get a G3 turbo upgrade done for my S2 R33 gtst and to make around 260-300kw mark. i have - blitz return flow fmic -dump pipe/high flow cat/ 3" straight pipe - walbro 255 fuel pump -manual boost controller -i will be installing Z32 AFM -currently stock but looking at jecs 555cc injectors / adjustable fuel pressure reg -and at the end get a nistune done unopened RB25DET i have read a lot but all so many different results some with out dyno results for proof so i come to the source hoping this will be enough to hit these numbers, cheers!
  9. cleaning out my garage. R32 indicator orange -$80 R32 clear indicator -$70 koya drift tek rim 17x8 -$50 S14 bumper indicators -$50 GKtech 30mm 4x114.3 spacers(brand new never used) -$40 northern suburbs, melbs.
  10. AndreW_R32

    sooooo the hail storm left a nice present as my car was broken down in a street... anyway i changed the fuel pump to a walbro 255 did the wiring and connected it in. the pump has never been changed in its life. now the car is hitting boost and driving smooth now! anyone with with similar problem check fuel pump
  11. AndreW_R32

    HAHA! walbro 255 coming in on tuesday
  12. AndreW_R32

    cheers for help, its my fuel pump. its rubbish.. repco said that its gonna cost 1,500 bucks to order one in LOL... just gonna look online.
  13. AndreW_R32

    strange. now its starting to do it again. so when i put my foot down as it gets around 4-5k mark it looses power even with my foot on the floor it doesnt wanna go anywhere. i try it again and boost will come on i try it again it wont want to move... so confused
  14. AndreW_R32

    update* seems to be running better now. it ind of slacks but its getting there. also i noticed after putting gasket maker for bov. when cold it kinds of flutters a little and makes a weird little metal noise after dose for under a sec. but once its warmed up it goes back to whoosh sound and no metal noise