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  1. should have result of this next week. 83/74 1,05 RB26 86,5 , Street head port 250 9,15mm 3.5 inch wastegate atmo 94 octane
  2. bought the gktech myself, thought it was an improvement over the stock one since mine was also eating the shroud. I do more traffic than circuit, maybe i made a mistake lol
  3. at 4k $ the v-cam are far from ''small simple cams '' IMO
  4. Well considering the stock rail is 10.5mm and aftermarket are 10.9... 11mm i would suspect they would work. Do you know if jdm rail run an6 or an8 ? And how quick can you ship me this adaptor to canada ?
  5. It seems like the nismo FPR can do the job.. just suck that all 11mm aftermarket rail wont accept an oem setup fpr. Not sure the external FPR would provide me better performance over the simple nismo.
  6. Yes there are the id1000cc 11mm made for bnr32 that id sell
  7. They were 700cc sard. maybe they were, in fact, not up to task. It was a BNR32 rail. Mechanic said it didn't fit. over-bored as he said it was leaking after the mod. So now, we're back to square one. Either I buy my friend's BNR34 rail and bring it to a machine shop ( I say ppl who couldn't make the ID1000 11mm fit and had to drill and some say that with lots of lube/pressure it fitted..) or I buy HKS rail + adaptor + FPR + hose
  8. I won't, but I know the tuner had to adjust pressure with my gt2860's old setup. If it's needed, I will get the big package, but i want to avoid bling factor. I'm aiming good HP, but I don't really plan on trashing the car so I thought the Nismo would be fine, but then I had second thought and i need to decide on my fuel setup ASAP since car should be done within a week
  9. Not looking for OEM FPR Either I have another OEM rail drilled to 10.9mm and my Nismo ajustable FPR or I go HKS rail + Weldon FPR. Do you think one would offer a better tune/fuel economy ?
  10. never seen an adaptor like that, so i suppose this is what i need lol or maybe i would be better off with an external FPR.. how much this adaptor cost ? edit: found this.. radiumauto. seems like they are the only one making an adaptor for aftermarket rail to bolt-on stock/Nismo FPR https://www.radiumauto.com/FPR-Adapter-for-Nissan-P602.aspx
  11. Got myself a set of ID1000, mechanic tried to drill my OEM rail, ended up leaking.. so I'm back to square one. I already have a Nismo Type-A regulator so I would prefer to keep the single entry/nismo FPR and just get the cheapest 11mm fuel rail. Which one would it be ? or it doesn't even exist ( they are all dual entry) ? I'm not looking for fancy fuel setup with AN hose or mega 2000cc or E85 setup, so i reckon a simple fuel rail design would work as long as it's not a china knock-off with poor sealing thread than these are pointless.
  12. anyone know ? seems like its oem 20mm., but would like to confirm.
  13. Looked at this pdf from nismo ; http://www.nismo.co.jp/en/products/competition/clutch/pdf/clutch04.pdf Only for the SR, they recommance swapping the sleeve for their model. For the other model, nismo say ; Models other than above: Replace the release bearing to the included one according to the removed bearing. I had a OS giken TS3B before so I doubt the same sleeve will work with that twin plate clutch. So which one should I order ? I found a website that gave the follow information ; Bearing Sleeve- 30501-S0200 (18mm) factory clutch ( i thought it was 20mm.. no ??) Bearing sleeve:30501-S0160 / 30501-N1601 (14mm for twin / trip disc) I'm suprise to note that both twin and triple would use the same 14mm sleeve.. PLEASE SHED SOME LIGHT ON THIS
  14. we got it working. I'm sorry if it sounded weird.. I'm also not a huge fan when the mechanic ask me for help fitting something.. I mean, I'm not the expert.. oh well. its now working. Seems like he didn't grind enough material the first time.
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