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  1. After 10 years time has come for my skyline to find a new home. For sale 1998 ER34 sedan 5 speed with sunroof *Plazmaman FFP with 62mm plazmaman throttle body *Spitfire coil packs *Bosch Motorsport 2000cc injectors *Turbosmart fuel pressure reg *Inline fuel filter mounted in boot *Tomei type b cams *Exhaust side adjustable cam gear *Performance springs and retainers *ARP head studs *Nitto head gasket *Precision turbo 6062 gen 2 *4” intake and filter. *Full 3.5” exhaust turbo back *Tial 44mm waste Gate / can be plumbed in *6boost manifold heat wrapped *Custom baffled catch can *Custom air box *Oil cooler and oil filter relocation *Link G4 plug in ecu *Flex fuel tune by DVS tuning *Fenix rad double pass *Jim berry race clutch *Tomei extreme 2way lsd *castor arms adjustable *Front camber arms adjustable *Rear camber arms adjustable *Front seats sparco fixed back *Drivers side 5 point harness fitted *Quick release steering wheel. *Drift button on handbrake *Front rotors slotted *Rear rotors slotted and drilled *Black Drift teks 18x8.5 +28 front 18x9.5 +18 rear *Battery relocated to the boot *Mscn surge tank Fitted with 2x 044 pumps feeding a -8 line to rail *Walbro Feeding surge tank *External pumps staged and all pumps on own relays *Afr gauge *Boost *Oil temp *Water temp *Ethanol % *High /low boost switch Current power on e85 is 367 kw on low boost 20psi 407kw on high boost 25psi Asking price is $25,000 ono message for contact information or any other details on car, like i said have owned this car for 10 years , second owner in the country. she has been in many different stages over the years and is A lot of fun on track or the street.
  2. Hi guys , 1988 wide body S13 Currently has NSW rego Can't remember how long right now but at least 6 months AGI half roll cage bolt in Haltec ecu ps1000 ( custom loom and wire tuck in engine bay) Haltec iq3 display dash ( have mounting plate for dash position where stock spot is. 300rwkw on e85 tuned by dvs tuning Kaaz 2 way lsd Driftworks cs2 coilovers Front and rear camber arms Castor arms Traction arms driftworks aftermarket knuckles front and rear. L98 6.0L from a VE commodore 230/240 112 lsa cam from tick performance. BTR dual valve springs and titanium retainers. Corvette C5R single row timing chain ported oil pump. 6 speed manual gear box The clutch is monster clutch level 3. Full twin 3inch into single 3.5inch exhaust varex system , remote control noise level(fully closed doesn't sound like a 6.0L) Pedal box , (throttle is NOT drive by wire) The wheels are, front 18x9+15 rear 18x10-1 Brakes are r33 gtst items front and rear Longer wheel studs I'm sure I'm missing things so I'm sorry feel free the message or comment. Asking price is $17500 Location central coast NSW I
  3. first time ever being on track @ smsp had a great time was not to fond of last flag Marshall she was very flag happy in the passager sessions . Happy with my time just can't wait to beat it
  4. Can't really say it looks so basic now with the cage back in
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