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  1. haha yeah I hate people being lazy to search also but its the same everywhere its getting harder to get. thanks for the help.
  2. Like I said searched everywhere including sau and Nico. All of the links don’t work anymore. Used to be easy to get years ago.
  3. I have been searching everywhere and cannot find a link to download Nissan fast that works. Does anyone have a link or a copy??? Want to use it for cefiro part numbers ect.
  4. I'm back, yes been away working heaps. I pm'd some people and inbox me if your after any items will see what's left.
  5. Wrecking S2 C34 stagea Wrecking S2 C34 stagea, plenty of parts left see list below. S2 automatic transmission Axles (5 bolt rears) Rear diff 5 bolt stubs ABS unit All suspension arms with bolts All shocks/springs 5 stud front and rear Front seats pair Rear seats pair Front doors Rear doors Door cards front and back Steering column and key Cluster Various dash pieces Fuel tank Tail shaft Front Drivers quarter Panel Side skirts Hicas pump. FMIC 600x300 unknown brand
  6. Hey mate, I have parted it all now it's stored away till parts sell. The window guards were cracked so could even pull them off to save them. Have plenty of other parts though.
  7. C34 S2 stagea parts available. See pictures for most parts and 4wd auto available and onboard computers, steering column complete with wheel ect. Engine with loom sold
  8. The long 1 piece ones that run above the Windows or the sun roof ones?
  9. The long 1 piece ones that run above the Windows or the sun roof ones?
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