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  1. tridentt150v

    Really doesn't matter if its common or rare...its only ever worth what someone is willing to pay for it. And although some will achieve a level of collectability, many - unfortunately - will be eventually consigned to the crusher. And just to add insult to injury, as we and our skylines all get older the market will contract = less buyers = lower value for many versions, until only the truly collectable will be worth anything.
  2. tridentt150v

    Saw a white R33 heading out on the Barton near Hall as I was coming into Canberra this morning at around 10.
  3. tridentt150v

    I made mine out of stainless then polished it up on the wheel. Looks OK.
  4. tridentt150v

    Does your fast idle work when you turn on the AC?
  5. tridentt150v

    not sure but I think GIMP will still operate OK on XP and up, used to anyway.
  6. tridentt150v

    Not sure...I am pretty sure its only for PC, but yes it does whatever photoshop can do. Check out the youtube tutorials.
  7. tridentt150v

    Yeah, I've had it for a while, not sure how long but maybe 2010-15 sometime. I really like what it can do, nice to know I'm not the only one. Not cars [working on a coffee mug setup for my missus for Xmas actually]...but the spotted horse wasn't originally in this photo...hard to tell he wasn't though. I haven't quite got the comparative size - I think he has to be made a bit bigger [which is easy to do] - but I'm still working on it.
  8. tridentt150v

    Anyone else here using GIMP? Its a free image/photo editor written by a heap of geeks. I have used Photoshop CS4 ages ago but GIMP is just as good for general users like me. Plus PS was a pirate version cos the actual software package cost was huge for a hobbyist. Its a pretty impressive package given that it is free. Anyway, I have just done a couple of designs, made some vector art, transparencies, and some photo editing. It also has some great 'how to' tutorials on youtube . Was wondering if anyone else had used it.
  9. SIII...very desirable model.
  10. Had a bloke do the same thing on a Triumph Motorbike...bought a bobber over the webz from photo's for $12K. It was only a 500cc twin and a mish mash of parts...sum total worth of the bike was maybe $1500. He bought it to me with a death knock...the big end was gone and about to throw a leg out of bed.....and he swore black and blue that the bike was fine 'just needed a tune up'. Said the bloke selling it told him it was just rebuilt... but no receipts😲 I tried to get him to churn it, cut his losses, but he wasn't interested. Eventually I convinced him to let me at it....and another $5K later the bike is running fine and has been for a 18 months now. But he still has a $1500 bike that he paid $17,000 for. Poor bugger. Anyway, off topic....but it can be done, GTSBoy has given you a good map. Do what you can as you can afford it, prioritise and address the immediate stuff first. You will get there. Plenty of good help on this forum, you're not alone 34Red.
  11. Track car!!! But honestly, you got what you paid will be OK eventually.