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  1. nsw/act 

    Ok, no problem....I was not sure and thought that it would help if total mileage was stated. 79,000km is low, car looks mint, I want but am not quite ready yet, glws. BTW, I did the same - fitted a 320km/h speedo, but I sent the cluster off to an instrument shop and go the mileage changed to what my car had on it, so it reads exactly what my original speedo had on it. I then got a certificate from the business stating this for future reference. Just a thought for you, but 2k isn't much of a difference anyway?
  2. nsw/act 

    Just to has 160,000km total on it?
  3. Nope.......but 10/10 for
  4. Gone...thanks Victory. Sorry Guilt Toy but as I said - its a job lot, but maybe Charles will sell to you?
  5. You'd need that excavator to dig it up!!!! It would be a very deep hole!!!!
  6. If all else fails, I'd remove the timing case and get alloy pipe machined in as a press fit and then weld that sucker!!!
  7. The old front wheel drive skids.... Lol
  8. I'd like to here your reasoning for this does the oil pump run backwards? This - to my thinking - means that the motor was running backwards?? Only way I can think of this happening is if you are rolling backwards down a steep hill while its in say 3rd gear but the motor is switched off??? And if its switched off, no bang or boost so no oil pressure would not be a bad thing given the duration. But willing to learn.
  9. HKS units I have seen are not a direct substitute. They change the location of the turbo if its the one I am thinking of. But yeah, get your car checked out, its highly unusual to break std mani's like that.
  10. R33 parts - job lot free. A donation to SAU would be nice though. Hi all, I have a heap of bits and pieces free. Catch is I live between Canberra and Wagga and you have to pick you get to take the lot. No single items, no postage, you come you get it all. All parts are off an R33, some are off an automatic, some off a manual. The little box has an automatic ignition inside it. Sunset of one month, if nobody comes then I take to the dump. If you want to ask about the condition of any parts PM me. But don't ask about postage or 'buying' one item. If your coming up the Hume Highway its not that far out of your way.
  11. I use two, the supercheap red fleecy/soft cover then a hailproof cover over that. The fleecy is for to protect the paint, the hailproof - cos my car is in a carport - is for the odd rain drop and possible hailstones. But I am pretty sure it won't stop cricketball sized hail, just the smaller golfball or lower I think. I have a shed, but it is full, so the car had to sit in the carport. Got the hailproof outer on ebay. And stay away from custom covers, cos you will be replacing them every 2-5 years anyway.