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  1. tridentt150v

    My '98 Gtst.
  2. tridentt150v

    My '98 Gtst
  3. tridentt150v

    Those covers look very schmick Rob, but - to me - its like hiding rust with new paint. And I can't afford $1700. The material I want will cost much less than that, but just have to find the right knowledgeable person to help me source a supply.
  4. tridentt150v

    Still looking and waiting.
  5. tridentt150v

    fuel pump wire is black with a purple trace at the ECU...from memory. And just before you go tearing wires out and throwing them over your shoulder, try running the pump with a dedicated earth wire first. Plenty of time to go wire mad afterwards.
  6. tridentt150v

    Somehow...without any help from me, my signature has gone. Noticed it on a few threads i'd been on, and then went to my profile and signature setting and yep...its gone!!! Can it be recovered?
  7. Check the plug to your ECU, I had a similar thing and it was the plug. They only have a single centre bolt and can sometimes twist off on one end. But personally I'm with Kiwi, take it to a garage and ask them to check the fuel pressure while you're at it. Its a 5 minute job.
  8. tridentt150v

    Did you try shaping or cutting back the mount at all Stao? I had to do that for mine, just took [from memory] around 10 to 15mm off the leading corner.
  9. Did you get a spare for $50 then?
  10. Full licence...not Provisional, but that's only if you want to drive it!!! You can buy just about anything if you don't want to use it. But go and ask at your local motor registry office.
  11. tridentt150v

    Anyone....surely somebody is an upholsterer or is having similar work done?
  12. tridentt150v

    lol....the fabric is available, I've had a section redone before [albeit around 10 years ago]. And the seats are going in my Gtst. Buying used will turn up the same issue, all the rear seats fade across the top. The rear window glass just lets that sun in big time!!! I also have a set of genuine factory leather seats out of a SIII '98 R33 GTR that I've had refurbished [still have to remove and recoat/powdercoat the carriage to finish]. But was hoping to get the grey velour ones sorted as well. leather is OK in the winter but burns like f#*k in the summer 🤣
  13. I have an R33 GTR seat set, 2 x front and rear bench. I think they are out of a '96, they have the mauve/purple inserts in the headrest. The top part of the rear seat was sun affected [ie faded and UV weakened/rotted] so I took it to a local upholstery business and it has languished there for a few months now. They can't seem to find the grey brushed velour [not the centre inserts, we will be able to re use them] that is endemic to nearly every model. So I am looking for a supplier that can sell me 3 metres of this material so I can get the seat finished. Ideally I would go to some other business that can do the job but this would mean a long trip cos I live in a small town in the country, Sydney is 4 hrs away, Canberra is 2. Plus I feel that if I can find the right material then the upholsterer should be able to do the job [surely its not that difficult]. So does anyone know of code numbers I can ask about [okish], or a supplier [better]? TIA
  14. tridentt150v

    Correct. Interesting cos my '98 R33 has the grey lacquer type [not sure what the correct term is] finish to all interior metal parts....