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  1. Nice wheel, let us know how you go with it? Could be interested myself [for an R33]. Must have been a midget driving that GTR, the seat is as far forward as you can get it 😁
  2. You can only view that wheel if you are logged in!!! I did have one ages ago...but its an old work email so no longer works. BTW its not legal/can't use it if it doesn't have an airbag. Use lightshot and give us a pic
  3. It is a time capsule of how wrong people can be...….saying that GTR's would drop to $40K etc I just did a quick car sales hit and they range from around $50K for an R32 to over $200K for an immaculate R34 complete with fruit. Not saying they will get that, but then again nobody is talking $40K
  4. Cam gear or cam gears? They both look adjustable, but we can't see the other one cos it has the CAS alloy bracket over it. Did you check them both?
  5. f#ck a duck, that is lots of chicken dinners for a mani……..not saying its not worth it, but you would want to be doing an original restoration IMO. Makes me wonder what the whole car would be worth....I must look it up. Ok, this says $40K...so $35 without the mani https://www.whichcar.com.au/features/nissan-hr31-skyline-gts-r-feature
  6. Anything that's not GTR, even a ratty GTR I'd only get bomb insurance.
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