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  1. tridentt150v

    Not there yet but the day is getting closer...
  2. tridentt150v

    And from her heavy days experimenting outside the punk era:
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    Obviously somebodies solution to overcrowding in jails
  5. tridentt150v

    I'll take screen shots when I can...just now had to try to get into SAU 3 times...3rd time lucky. Was Ok 1 or 2 days ago, didn't notice a difference till this morning tbh. Still using IE...been lazy, really should have gone over to Chrome or Edge. Used to use Firefox but my virus checker was saying FF was out of date etc so gave up on FF.
  6. tridentt150v

    I have been having issues connecting to SAU....all other forum sites I visit are fine, just SAU. I sometimes get the DOS based view [blue text, and just a list of the forum pages] rather than the normal GUI forums page. If I get the DOS view then I cannot open any other pages, it usually comes up with a blank screen. If I leave and come back in 10-15 minutes its then usually OK. The other thing that has just started to happen as well, the forums page comes up OK then it reloads straight away and I get a blank screen [address in address bar is still OK].
  7. That's a pretty aggressive flow rate you are looking at...drag racing? I use a 375 nozzle which is more than enough for how I use it and as stated before don't use that much for normal driving. They say the SPIII kit can handle a twin nozzle dual stage setup though....I just don't need it.
  8. Reply from Snow performance: "We have a minimum duty cycle the controller will send out which is rated for 50 psi pump pressure ( nozzle are rated to atomize down to 40 psi ) so 1 % duty cycle is 50 psi ramping up to the 100%. while 1% duty cycle is possible because of the way the system generally kicks on i have never seen the controller read a 1% i think i have seen as low as 6% once the ramp up begins. The amount it uses per % point will depend on nozzle size, absolute pump pressure settings and screen filter dirt level - there are a lot of factors that relate to the exact amount of fluid being injected." I would have loved a graph showing the ramp up but SP don't seem to have one unfortunately. Their last statement is a cop out IMO, they could have done a family curve for all nozzle sizes or a single graph with formula to use for your specific setup.
  9. yeah, not sure how much it flows right at the start, I don't have a feed curve. But I am also conservative in my thresholds...which probably aids as a 'fudge factor'. Would be interesting to find out what the baseline is for the SP3 kit, I am assuming it would be more like the 20% or more so than the 1%...but I don't know. I might have a look on the SP website and see if they have anything. The fact that the SP3 kit uses dual triggers was what sold me...IDC and boost one or the other can trigger the system. Edit: Nothing on their website...I have sent them an email, hopefully they will reply with the goods!!!
  10. That's what I thought my Stage III Snow performance system did? I have it set up to start at 7psi and/or 30% IDC, and all in at 14psi and/or 70% IDC, so its variable between 8 to 14 psi and/or 30 to 70% IDC. But I can set up for any values really...its up to me. Or am I reading your question incorrectly? BTW I use around 2 litres of 50/50 mix every 3-4000km, highway miles though, no city driving, no commuting, no boy racing, pretty much open roads only. Going up a steep hill, some going through the gears/taking off maybe, or overtaking uses it.
  11. tridentt150v

    but cylinders are in the engine bay!
  12. tridentt150v

    Interesting because in all is the negative or neutral wire [except when blue is used, but that's usually 240 volt stuff.
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  15. tridentt150v

    Did someone say Tool??