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  1. Drill a hole in a 50c piece then silastic and a small s/s bolt...for that custom look
  2. Gotta luv the Snowys......almost don't need an IC 😄
  3. You need to take the car to a Timelord......sonic screwdriver needed.
  4. $37K....Makes mine too precious to drive. Definitely gunna have to look into full comp insurance....5-10 years ago it was worth $15K max, and bomb insurance was fine, now its worth a house deposit I will have to go full comp😬
  5. Sometimes used to space a turbo out so it doesn't hit stuff.........sometimes used for a different pattern turbo eg T4 to T3 etc. As Hardsteppa said, not standard.
  6. Fuel will be sh!t....may not even fire on the fuel you have in it, it depends on the motor. I have had it not start [replaced fuel with fresh stuff and it worked fine] but have also had another motor start fine after sitting for 18 months. So cross your fingers and see?
  7. In This River - Black Label Society(High Quality) - YouTube
  8. I've always done mine on the wheels, if it was jacked up at the front then maybe you created an airlock with the angle? as Sir RB says, try bleeding it again.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nYHAOL-Ihw Interesting, I can't get the link to show the image etc is this the end of youtube links? It is a guy called Eyal Raz and the song is called 'So Clear'
  10. Ages ago I was told that Tomei cams don't need to be dialled in and should always be set to zero ...for RB25 Gtst's. This was after we dialled in [from memory 5 degrees [could have been 10, it was 20 years ago]] and it ran like shit. Asking around everyone said to set to zero and it will work.....we did, and it did. I could be wrong for your motor, but if you don't see gains then zero is your answer. But Dose Pipe and GTSboy will know more.
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