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  1. Probably auto gauges do this [not my boost controller, just gauges].
  2. Electric Turbo Interested to see this: The use of a 48V system also allows engineers to fit on an electric auxiliary turbocharger (eZV) that could spin up to 70,000rpm within 0.3 seconds to deliver an immediate throttle response and zero lag. Full article: and how long will it be before we start tearing out our exhaust gas energy turbines and installing a 48v electric one? It could be a game changer.
  3. I always put it on the diff, but use a piece of rubber matting around 10mm thick with it as a buffer. Nice gloves BTW
  4. Yeah, looked suss, maybe an April Fool joke? I haven't tried it, don't have a rusty bolt or nut to use it on yet.
  5. New hi tech Mercedes engines Interesting stuff....if you haven't read it before.
  6. Rusted on nuts, how to remove Just saw this vid and thought it would be good to share it, I haven't used it myself, but the vid looks impressive. Not sure which forum to use, mods can move it to maintenance or tutorials etc if they see fit.
  7. Funny, I have a mushroom pod filter with a Perspex CAI, and not a problem.
  8. Putting it down is one thing, keeping it year after year is another animal altogether!
  9. Glad wrap, coles plastic bags. degreaser worked in with a paint brush then a hose with a jet nozzle. But next time I guess.
  10. Oh ok, I never saw it....I bought another well known ones!!! never did like yellow much as a colour [cos I can't critique a product, plus I have nil first hand experience] Strange though it never made the hot topic list!!!
  11. Ditch the aftermarket BOV...too many problems. Some of which sound like yours!!!
  12. Just click on them, they get larger....then use Lightshot to screen capture them and save to your computer. Then you open them up in something basic like MS paint and zoom in.
  13. Definitely looks quicker, nice result.
  14. Check your coils for cracks, wrap in insulation tape to fix...could be arcing. 98 98 98 98....never use anything less. gap plugs to 0.8 [ I think it is, my memory is killing me]. Even if you have 11's just tap them down, no big deal. We are all assuming a std turbo and ECU??? What boost?