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  1. I should add its very likely not Skyline and could well be British...I was just trying to tap into the collective knowledge. I know some of you guys have experience over a wide range. The clips suggest wiring loom or wires? So part of the dash of a Morris Minor could be a possibility? I have no idea. Prize is peer respect
  2. On another forum, and I was seeing if anyone here has seen them and knows what it is?
  3. Well I hope you have a low fuel level because as a first timer it helps you to see what you need to do. The cradle is a longish flat looking bracket that slides into and then clip locates in a plastic holder on the front of the tank. Have a look, stand back and use an LED torch [try to avoid arcs and sparks] and see if you can see and feel the plastic holder. Once you do you will sort of realise how the bracket slides down and then clips in place. There is probably a tutorial in the How To section on this forum that will help, and good ole YouTube is always a 'go to'. Maybe this:
  4. Somewhere on here there is a printout you can use for an R33 for the fuse box...laminate it and then glue to the inside of your cover. I'm sure there would also be one for an R32...you just need to search. And stop making multiple threads for the same issue, it is not the way to get answers!!!
  5. One side of the cables on the rear brakes has broken is my guess.
  6. Check you have earth strap or straps, specifically one from the block to the chassis. Otherwise I agree with GTSboy.
  7. he waited six years for you to tell him....six years....six long years, out there in the dark, lost, cold, hungry, and alone 😁
  8. Haven't you finished the R32 yet Jayce? Thought it would have been showroom finish by now?
  9. I knew it existed, and had to go digging for it: About halfway down page 2 there is a flow comparison ...the HKS comes out way better...……...but it depends on what you want to do and what your budget is.
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