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  1. bad uni joint can be added to the list.
  2. Odyssey all the way for me. 6 years and still going great.
  3. I have bomb insurance with AAMI...was with Just Cars but AAMI took over the policy. My Gtst is somewhat modified with bolt on stuff, but at the end of the day its only worth $10-15K. And they wanted $2K for full insurance over 15 years I figure I am ahead. But you need to have nil accidents and avoid slimy thieves for that to happen.
  4. Check the wires and plug going to the CAS, they get old and brittle. Just about have to handle with kid gloves these days.
  5. No tree in Martin Place this Xmas........was wondering if your car was available???
  6. Needs taxi lights
  7. Just use two boot spacesaver spares at the front.....job done!!!!
  8. breaker18445 he send it me is offishal, you want $20 please to open visa account in your name and send me direct to the numbers [card number, CCv, and pin] and me will collect release $20 to you of eech
  9. Seats I have, even have a set of series 3 OM leather GTR ones that I haven't used yet. As well as the GTR velour ones I am using and the original 40th Anniversary '98 Gtst seats I took out. My missus is mad enough about it all now....another set of seats and I'd only need the naughty mat!!!
  10. Get me pics, if its the part I am thinking of then its the same as I replaced on mine. Looks like its the frame and rubber sliders for the window to go up and down in at the front of the door???? They are a bit of a wiggle and pull to get out with the window still in the door but can be done. Removing the speaker and the rear view mirrors helps. The bracket that the mirror bolts on to is a part of the replacement kit anyway. You may as well do the rear view mirror mechanism/motor repair while you're at it. Save doing it I have NissanFAST so can give you the part numbers, but need to see a pic first. Don't want to give you the wrong numbers.
  11. Your wastegate is stuck open....
  12. LEDS are polarity reversing polarity on the plug will probably turn on the darkness switch. I agree with Duncan, if it was supposed to be plug n play then they are faulty. Take them back before you burn your car to the ground.
  13. OK, I'll bite.......what other mods do you have to support such a change? Without a sh1tload of other stuff cams will do SFA. And also depends on the application.......284's might be too much unless you are hitting the rev limiter and racing?