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  1. Nah, sell it for mega bux and let some septic tank find the wall for ya!!!
  2. "Yeah I definitely prefer how the 370z looks, I don't mind my series 2 r33 from the front but the back end is ugly in my opinion." Looks are a personal thing, I'm not wrapped in the 370/Porsche type humpback look to be honest. They all look like Vee Dub beetle clones. Even Porsche are slowly evolving away from that look [but while trying not to alienate trad owners].
  3. Meh...sell and buy a Genesis or a Stinger...straight out of the box, nothing to modify. I torture myself with this train of thought all the time....but done nothing!!!
  4. The squeak is usually from the wear indicator....this tells you its time to change the pads. It does this before the pads are actually down to bare metal, so gives you fair warning. Another reason for squeak/squeal is 'racing' pads...pads too hard for and that don't heat up enough for normal driving. Last reason is sometimes [and I've had this happen]a stone [usually bluemetal from road base] can flick up and get caught in the disc caliper. I've had this happen a couple of times, not on my Skyline, but can't see why it wouldn't happen to one.
  5. The only thing I'll add to this is that lots of these 'Popular' pop up threads are years old.........and then you get somebody that doesn't check the date trying to reply to MrSkyline from 1956. Dragging up relics from the past.......thats called archaeology!!!!! So maybe change the 'Popular on SAU' to 'Digging up Dinosaurs '
  6. I was loitering in your street...didn't see a thing.....lmao Yeah, look I know that there are still a dedicated few, but we are all getting thin on the ground. I drove 200km to Fyshwick, picked up my mailbox, then 200km home. Plus sliced through a couple of major arterials etc and didn't see anyone. Used to be that I would see 4-5 Skylines or more...didn't even see an R31 this time round.
  7. I'm an '03, was in SDU but one day when reading the Aussie section saw the reference to SAU....so joined. I think I was the first person to sell Skyline stuff on SAU with a part of the proceeds of the sale going to SAU. I actually asked if it was ok to do that and got the thumbs up. Sold probably 5-10 items with at least 10% going to SAU, and in some cases 100% going to them. This trend has died a bit now [and I have stuff all to sell atm], but I'll rat my shed and see if I can kick it off again! I know I have a s/s dump pipe somewhere 🤔
  8. D E A D.......................I drove from my place to Fyshwick via Tuggeranong Parkway and Hindmarsh etc and didn't see another Skyline of any description. What happened to all the Canberra trend setters?
  9. Only do mine every 10k...seems to be the only way I remember lol.
  10. And thats just for the motor.............brakes, suspension, rims, tyres/tires, HICAS lockout, and other supporting mods are also needed to turn the Tokyo Taxi into a Hiroshima Screamer. So add another $5-10K All too hard???? Just buy a fibreglass body kit and get a harlequin paint job and cruise around looking the part
  11. Also check your battery health and tyre pressure, and I'd take a spare fan belt. I'd also google the tilt tray dudes for places like Albury, Dubbo, Moree, Goonawindi, etc just in case. Easier to do it now than trying to do it on the side of the road with no service or a swarm of flys/mozzies etc.
  12. I'd probably do that decent drive first....then do another comp test. If it was used as a short drive commuter by the PO then the motor could be 'gummed' up with valve seats and rings suffering. A long drive with some heat and revs then a comp test will tell you more. Maybe also try one of the 'clean while driving' type concoctions? can't hurt.
  13. The latest release from these guys, bit different to Strange pleasures but still 5 stars
  14. Looks lean to me, those plugs look too white. Probably not your issue - unless your pump is on the way out.
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