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  1. I just bought a kit from Just Jap...but I was doing the timing belt and idler/tensioner etc as well. One thing I would advise, get a proper RB25 water pump, don't go for one for an RB30. The RB30 one fits, but one bolt doesn't line up so you have to do without it. But the RB30 pumps never seem to last as long on a 25 IMO, mine ended up leaking at the missing bolt.
  2. That was my point, and the next question. But its easier to measure at the battery to start with. Sent from my HTC_0P6B using SAU Community mobile app
  3. Oddball, but how good is your battery??/ Not contributing to a weaker spark at all is it?
  4. It nearly did....I had it going [to survive], but it cut out twice once near Holbrook and as we came into Albury, Then is was down windows, grin and bear it - any breeze was better than none. I had it on full blast and it only just cooled the cabin so was expecting it to cut out at some stage. It is the only time it has done it though. I was glad I was only travelling 200km that day...going to a 21st. And long story short but worked fine going home that night until I pulled up for fuel at Tarcutta, then the car battery decided to die [age and heat related]. 2am and the servo had no jumper leads. The guy behind the counter was good though, came out and we push started it with the missus in the drivers seat. Thankfully only really needed a bump and it caught. Made sure I didn't stall it and got home by 3am. I always wondered if the aircon would have been OK if the car was standard. Bigger turbo and FMIC etc creates heat that affects the aircon system???
  5. I have a Nismo badge on my beer I a pretender!!! There is no Nismo beer in the fridge, my conscience is killing me now...oh loooordd I wish I hadn't seen this thread.
  6. Same as above, 85' C. But on a stinking hot day +45'C you can see 100-120'C and then its time to slow down or stop. But it has to be hot, bushfire weather tar melting hot. I went to Albury on the Hume Highway when the big bushfires were in Vic, it was 48'C and the car was way too hot so I was sitting on like 90km/h in a 110 zone. I had a HP come up and tailgate me for 20km or more. But coming into Holbrook a car coming the other way caught his attention, he did a U turn and was gone....only time I was glad it was so hot that I had slowed down :).
  7. Tomei Poncams...256 inlet and exhaust or go to 264 exhaust if you are going bigger later. Set dial in to zero [so no a/m cam pulleys needed] and you get to retain your VCT. Have a look at the turbo results thread, its all in there.
  8. Always telling me that I have wasted my $$$$...."You can only go 100km/h anyway". Then when we come up behind a slow moving vehicle or a few of them and we go out and around them......"Bet the other cars wish they could do that" I can't win!!!!.....I was never meant to!!!!
  9. Yeah, I use .com,, and all the time. Generally if you can't find it on one the other should have it.
  10. Could also be the main seal behind the HB, or one of the cam pulley seals?
  11. Try ebay, but go to the Australian one...there are heaps of CAS for sale on there from oz and Japan etc, eg:
  12. Maybe I'm not getting the whole file...only goes for 3 seconds. I'll try downloading and see. Edit....nope same, no sound other than the motor and only for 3 seconds.