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  1. It was used ages ago by many [me included for a while] to compensate for cushioning effect of lead in super. Was supposed to make your valves and valve seats last longer....because every kept telling the world that all our valves and seats would erode away with this unleaded poison we were forced to use. It may well do this, but with modern valve seats and valves it was proven over time to be totally unnecessary. And older vehicles with cast valve seats [or cast iron heads with seats cut directly into the head] and 'softer' valves got updated and then went on to do another million miles. I can remember these sort of additives on every service station counter available in little 40ml plastic shots - one per tank fill. These days you rarely see it anywhere, and with good reason, it was totally unnecessary. We lament the loss of super, but the sky didn't fall😁 In the case of E85...I don't know, but suspect the same.
  2. Get a wheel balance and alignment first. Why replace the vacuum lines??? have they gone hard with age? Are they splitting all the time?
  3. Just send a marriage proposal to the dori hina that made/milled her own. Now that would be a girl worth marrying.
  4. Like others, I have been using Meguiars waterless wash for a few years now and am sold on it. I wash the car properly about every 3rd or 4th time, but in between I use the Meguiars. An added bonus is the 'as good as wax' finish it gives you, And I can do my whole car in 15-20 minutes. Only thing I do before starting is to use a dust mop/brush on the car first, a 5 minute job. And you need so little of the waterless solution that I am still using the same bottle.
  5. Yeah, don't get that...plenty of big hp and mercilessly flogged track Gtst's out there easily doing what a std 26 can do.
  6. Bomb insurance is probably the best option....I'm with AAMI and it costs me under $300 but I'm way past 25. And with bomb insurance you are only insured against damage you do to others, so you have to be able to fix/repair or replace your own car out of your own pocket. But given that 2wd Skyline's are sub $15K, you can probably buy a new one every 5-10 years based on savings from Comprehensive vs Bomb. Also try to go for as a high a excess as you can, it helps lower what you pay, but then again you trade off small scratches and dings cos you have to [again] pay for them yourself. BTW...I've had bomb insurance on all my vehicles now for the last 20-25 years and only had 3 prangs and none my fault so the other party paid.
  7. Something screwy there....all the countries [except USA] that have a rating of over 10 are very small in population. I think the way they report on it is way off somehow. lets face it, Curacao??? Estonia???? Gibraltar??? New Caledonia Ummm??? I find it hard to believe, something is biasing the samples. Obviously a per capita report is next to useless in a real world sense.
  8. Australia's total contribution to the world pollution total is 1.3%....so if we go to zero emission there would still be 98.7% total by the rest of the world. Even cutting our emissions to the targets being talked about [depending on which side you believe] we will only get to a best of 0.3% reduction. Short answer, if China, USA, Russia, Europe, India does nothing it makes no difference what we do...we are stuffed!!! 1% is not going to save the world!!!! So when you are at your next drifting/burnout/V8 Supercar/drag etc meeting...ask yourself "Is this really politically correct or necessary given climate change etc?" If anyone was really serious about climate change [other than as an employment opportunity or a way to make rude amounts of money.....think Al Gore] they would stop Forestry burning huge windrows of trash timber, stop every motorsport event, stop coal, stop B Doubles and every other truck, stop airlines etc etc etc We'd all be living Amish!!!
  9. I also don't understand why they don't make the boot, hood and bonnet out of solar panel stuff, this would supplement the energy needs of the car as you drive [along with passive braking] or when it is parked. I realise its not a recharge, more a way of extending power needs. BTW I read an article on fluoride batteries that promises to be the next big thing, if this or some other medium increases the cars range and addresses power needs then electric cars would overtake everything we do now in a wave - there would be nothing holding them back.
  10. Some interesting comparisons: https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/election-2019/scott-morrison-said-an-electric-vehicle-cant-tow-a-boat-is-he-correct/ar-AAB9FWL?ocid=spartandhp looks like they might be Ok for general use, but you still can't do big miles in one without stopping and recharging. eg I sometimes drive to Coffs Harbour and its over 800km for me, I can't do it without a long lunch somewhere while the car gets zapped. I do fill up the Skyline a few times now, but its 15 minutes in and out, not an hour or so.
  11. There will be no kangaroo's, we will have eaten them all by 2030.
  12. Maybe somebody hates you and has poured milk down the front of your windscreen???
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