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  1. Makes you wonder how it happened [well makes me wonder anyway]. I'd be digging deeper.
  2. Plus you are saying that there is 'residual' water in your engine....wrong. WMI isn't used from 0 to 100, you use a management system and only begin injection at a determined threshold. For me [and from memory] it starts at 8psi then ramps up until it is all in by 14psi......and/or say 50% IDC and all in by say 80% IDC. So when you are on a trip and you boost, injection begins. But when you are cruising up your street and parking in your garage etc there is no WMI injected because you are driving well below [or should be] your thresholds. This means you burn off any residual [if you have any] and also allows the motor time to 'dry out'. BTW if you are getting residual at all, then you haven't set the system up properly - you are over injecting. ie an injector nozzle that is too big for the engine, or thresholds that are way too low to be effective. I have never had milky oil, my spark plugs aren't rusty wrecks, my bore and valve heads [when using my endoscope on the phone] are clean. I've been using a 50/50 mix for probably 10 years now...all the bad things should have happened by now if you believe the doomsayers. But nothing. And you don't really need separate injectors etc, just one - KISS. The swirl of the air inducted through the inlet is all you need for an even distribution if you position your nozzle correctly. Maybe for a drag or time attack etc you will see minute gains, but for the street...forget it. I have no access to E85, hence the WMI. And the final word...my WMI system works, it lowers temps, allowing more of everything.
  3. Not sure if its the same for a 20, but on a 25 its here:
  4. Bet there is a little man using a big hammer in there...has to be.
  5. https://proefi.com/product/pro-128-ecu-system/ Looks OK sex specs wise....the real trick is finding somebody that can tune it. Many can try, but only a few will get there!
  6. I thought the sensor is under your centre console? From what I can see in the photos, your airbag setup will be fine to re install.
  7. No rear seat = no cabin room, and cuts back its versatility for me. if it was even a 2+2 then I might have been more interested. So IMO [and following in the same vein - asian made and and price range] the genesis and the stinger still have more to offer....for now.
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