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  1. You have burn oil. If it didn't I'd be worried.
  2. Only ever had TPP 'bomb' insurance.........was with Just Cars but now with AAMI [Just Cars got absorbed by aami]. Very recently had somebody hit me in the side of the car in a car park - I was parked at the time [engine off, door open, about to get out]. They admitted fault and have made a claim on my behalf because AAMI TPP insurance doesn't cover helping you to make a claim, only in claims against you. So now I am at the mercy of the other persons insurance company and waiting for them to approve so I can get it repaired. I feel vulnerable....little me up against a big insurer. I think I will be ok, but it makes you stop and think, if they stalled or said NO then it would take a lot of Dept of Fair Trading or other such assistance and many years to get there.
  3. I have one as well.......tried it in my sump and it didn't feel right, was loose even though it was supposedly the correct thread [says thread on the little pill tube it came in as M12 x 1.25]. I removed and never ever used it. I am thinking that quite a few of them would end up like mine....sitting on the shelf, or in my case shed fridge. I grimace every time a get a beer.
  4. The test in the article Stinger is AWD mate...not sure if we will get it but maybe....fingers crossed.

    BTW, would have replied on the thread but for some reason [even though I started it] I couldn't??

  5. Can't help thinking it could be a new Skyline [R32/33/34] equivalent.....its not an R35, but is wwwaaayyy more affordable.
  6. I see some ppl have their donation, member and moderator info this still rolling out or did some miss out? As far as I know - paid 3 or 5 years worth I thought, will have to ask - I am a NSW member, have donated, and also paid the membership to this forum - and got the merchandise pack :). So I would expect something to appear? But nothing so far.
  7. Did you check the motor itself at all? And try bypassing the switch and seeing if it works. Unplug it and rig up a 'hot' wire with an inline fuse. If this works then yes its the switch.
  8. That's it...wrecker, Reco or rebuild are the only options. A keyway is hard to repair properly and its a crank out job.