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  1. TBH...there are a hellva lot of other cars that would be more fun at 2.8 mill....with enough spare change left over to buy some hefty real estate etc
  2. You should have included a link!!! Honestly though, some are good, some are less than good, you pays ya money ya takes ya chances!!! I have had a China CF rear spoiler on mine for several years now, no issues. Better than I expected tbh.
  3. Must be cheaper to make...I would have thought that they would all go to allen key head or even torx...wish that they did, its easy to chew out a phillips/posidrive/jis head with a drill or impact driver. Both doing up and undoing, lost count of the times I've had to use a dremel and cut a slot into a screw or bolt then 'shock' it out with a manual impact driver to get it out.
  4. I bought one of these: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/393628575681?hash=item5ba61767c1:g:m1QAAOSw4plcnX5c
  5. I forgot to mention that I want the part made from an existing part......I don't have CAD drawings or a program/dxf type file. The person doing the work would be basically starting almost from scratch.
  6. Ok thanks......I'll PM you Ben
  7. And check out ebay USA...they are asking [maybe getting, I don't know] insane prices for used spare parts. Its only going to impact here more and more. So a bare shell could end up costing you sheep stations.
  8. Ultimately it comes down to cost vs value........if you are happy with that then buy it.
  9. Not sure if this is the right forum... Is anyone on here into 3d printing at all? I have a small job I want to get done, and could go to a commercial business, but would prefer a skyline person cos they would know what the part is for etc. And I know its not for free, thats fine.
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