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  1. Got my renewal for the Just Cars Insurance...which was taken on by AAMI [under the same umbrella group]....sent to me by AAMI, $183 for bomb insurance. I tried to get full insurance once ages ago, but nobody was interested cos my car was [like many others on here] modified. So settled for bomb insurance and haven't looked back. The $183 was cheaper than the $224 Just Cars charged me for 2016, so nothing wrong with AAMI for me.
  2. Easy as, I agree CAL. however I do recommend you avoid acid spills/fumes and spend the extra and only use total seal batteries. Look at Robocops photo's and the white powder...........that ain't snow!!!
  3. nah was on the computer, and been using myRTA for ages, but the new portal just won't let me in. Went to RMS and renewed over the counter for the first time in years....and they couldn't see anything wrong with my details etc, but went home and still won't let me get past signing in. I will have to get online help.............a sub continental contact called Bob probably!!
  4. Yeah, heat is good, I don't mind the dry heat, good swimming weather.....but the humidity this year has been hard to put up with. If I wanted humidity I would live up north ffs. And you can stick your snow [sorry Josh]....I live near it [aussie style] and hate the stuff, PITA.
  5. Also, what does everyone use to get to the water drain on the block, the one behind the turbo? I tried a few different spanners and sockets and just cannot get a purchase on it, one thing I do know, when I finally get it out I an going to make one up with an extended head like 40-50mm hex bar and 50mm long as well. Its a PITA to get to with anything decent. Needs room for a breaker bar!!!
  6. Me, used the M10's for attaching my Grundfos water pump to a welded up pedestal which in turn is SS dyna bolted to the pump shed floor, now I can pump water from my bottom tank to my top one....hehehe
  7. Has anyone used the new service.nsw portal to register yet? I used to be able to easily register online at, but this no longer exists and so was 'redirected' to: no problem, joined up, entered my details and the rego I wanted to renew.....splat!!!! my information does not match their records.....owned the car for like 15 years, same address, same name, same everything. Car was passed for roadworthy Tuesday, green slip all paid up same day so that isn't the issue - and anyway I never got that far. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue?
  8. 98, I have WMI !!! E85 is impractical for me, I do mainly country miles. Hold up your right hand, count your fingers....that's how many E85 outlets are west of the mountains in NSW give or take 5 I cry when I daily my skyline... I'm pretty sure on 98 I get f#ck all more km's I need a retune me thinks I still get 9.6 to 9.8 l/100km, so around 500km to a tank, highway miles.
  9. Blitz return flow FMIC, 256 poncams, Snow Performance Stage III WMI [mainly to control knock], an older Boss SS cat [no idea of the cell size], GT3076WG on a HKS extrude honed cast low mount and a HKS 40mm external WG and just nailed 302rwkw at 18psi, so it can be done but it ain't easy!!!
  10. Interesting take on an old Cure song
  11. Servicing....depends, if its standard and just going to be a daily driver, every 10K, if its boosted and/or your pride and joy every 5K. When was the timing belt last done??? Could be way overdue??? Lastly found here so read, read, read and search, search, search. Also have a look at the Forced Induction Dyno Results section, plans start from there!!!
  12. You want the Neo head on an RB30 block, throw the RB30 head away!! I have 400hp = 300rwkw on an RB25, others have much more and the motor is fine. Note my motor is unopened, standard just cams, turbo, FMIC and other bolt on stuff, so they are much stronger than you think!!! A Neo is stronger all over again, if I can easily do 300rwkw with my road car, a Neo will do 350-400rwkw. Use the GTT platform, the GT has basic differences like wheel studs, brakes, etc etc [can't remember it all] they are NA and so don't need the same level of strength, search on this forum others have asked the same question and been told. There is a list on here somewhere and it would cost you more than its worth to start with a GT.