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  1. ^^^^+1
  2. Shoulda gone to Godfreys!!! [a pun on vaacum]
  3. ^^^^yes, but go up a size or two for 'future needs' IMO.
  4. Sorry Tomei's....dumb auto correct on phone changed it to Romeo's....lmao
  5. Adjustable cam pulleys, if yr using STD pulleys then u can't adjust. If yr using eg Tomei's with a live centre then they should be zero.
  6. You didn't adjust the timing at all did you? They should both be zero for a 25.
  7. I think for the $95K you are just buying the raw would have to spend the time and $$$ then to shine that diamond. I personally don't see the $95K in it, but then again I am a user not a collector, others would be tripping over themselves to close a deal.
  8. Skyline KGC10GTX Anyone seen this?: Or am I a day late and a dollar short...again!!!
  9. Love the finish and attention to detail. I need to find an oil well!!!!
  10. It could be they painted the car....or it could be that they painted the engine bay [brake fluid, fire, etc], I'm not there, you would have to make that call.
  11. yep, been ask why???
  12. No its not early AC/DC........