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  2. tridentt150v

    And Trower today [well almost]. Bob Dewar not on vocals for this though....he is sadly missed. Although the bassist does a fair job, actually sounds like Bob a bit, just not as deep.
  3. tridentt150v

    One of the all time great solo's
  4. tridentt150v

    I have the Odyessy PC925LMJT in mine [boot mount std]. I have it hooked up to a Braille remote control that isolates the battery for all except the alarm - so I have to reset the clock and climate control when I use the car. The alarm has its own power source. I also wired in a small 2 pin plug above the number plate. I use this to plug in a solar panel lead when the Skyline is not being used. The solar panel is mounted on the carport roof and runs through a Sunergy PR1210L solar regulator. My battery is over 4 years old and still going strong. I think this is not so important in the summer cos warmer temperatures help with the chemical reaction. But in the winter it is essential. BTW, I fabbed up my own battery holder and brackets for this. I also had to change my live lead and the lead from the Braille switch [one in, one out] to the harness etc.
  5. tridentt150v

    get it for Xmas did you Jayce?
  6. tridentt150v

    Gotta ask...GT3067 turbo??? or was that a dyslexic GT3076 [which are/have been more popular]...just to be sure to be sure.
  7. tridentt150v

    One for all the bangers!!!
  8. Just get a Lancer like the other 90% of P platers do!! Cheap[ish] and cheerful. Would eat a N/A Skyline. Save the $$$ for later IMO.
  9. tridentt150v

    Ummm dat Hooper girl!!! Watched it for that!!! They are reforming for Rockin' the Turf btw