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  1. 5k if you're rich, 10k if you're well off, 20k if you don't give a sh#t, never if you're a meathead or drug f#cked
  2. You have to remember that not all the weight was due to the new design.....ABS, airbags, emissions, side intrusion, crumple zones etc all contributed to each successive models increase or struggle to reduce weight. Not saying each model had nothing/everything, but the shifting safety goalposts and expectations certainly had an effect. Model weight is always an uneven comparison method. If you want more...there is a trade off.
  3. What suspension you using? I have a '98 Gtst that used to scrape everywhere, it had teins and was pretty low [and f#$king harsh ride]. Also low profiles will do this, so what tyres and rims? Ages ago I swapped out to bilsteins , king springs. and whiteline bars [SK kit]. This not only improved the ride, but also the handling and lifted the car by around 10-20mm. Now I rarely scrape. I admit I could have adjusted the teins up and changed the spring rate, but I still don't think I would have got the ride or handling I now have. I can measure my front bar height if you want, but where? And normally you measure the wheel arch height from the wheel centreline.
  4. A bit of light hearted fun....
  5. And buy a good quality pump and preferably one specific to the 20/25 Skylines. RB30 ones will fit but they take one less bolt and IMO always end up leaking. And the cheaper water pumps are Chinese and they don't last either.
  6. Nothing wrong with those numbers....doing a comp test cold is always 'a trap for young players' as the saying goes. Forgies rattle a bit when cold anyway. Enjoy your Skyline mate!!!!
  7. The Bon Ami/Ajax...heard of it and people swear by it, but I've never needed to try it. They reckoned you used it then flogged the crap out of the motor on a good straight road then watch the smoke out the exhaust until it cleared. You could try a more commercially available product these days: https://costeffective.com.au/product/ftc-decarbonizer/ There are others, this is only one of them.....and again, I only heard of them, no idea if they work.
  8. Left hand from tyre? CD player? Do you have an easier question, can I phone a friend? lol on spinamathing BTW...brilliant, will have ppl endlessly searching manuals looking for it🤣
  9. 1. Do P plate time 2. Don't spend money on NA car, save it for later 3. Sell car 4. Buy turbo version, spend saved $$$
  10. Sounds exe to me, plus 2 hours to replace a starter motor???? Jeez, 15 minutes and you are washing the hands. I'd also like to see why they want to spray weld?? Loctite could be an alternative if the housing is only slightly larger.
  11. Time stands still for neither man nor beast!!! You know all our problems started when we gave up smoking so couldn't use the alfoil in the top of the packet to wrap around the fuses.....always worked.
  12. Man, you're only sealing on copper washers, if they are annealed, you only need firm!!!
  13. And this: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Car-ATM-Mini-Blade-Fuse-Kit-Circuit-Breaker-Manual-Reset-20AMP/132856268914?hash=item1eeed9c872:g:IoEAAOSwGUpb7Ndb Could be handy?
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