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  2. tridentt150v

    And Trower today [well almost]. Bob Dewar not on vocals for this though....he is sadly missed. Although the bassist does a fair job, actually sounds like Bob a bit, just not as deep.
  3. tridentt150v

    One of the all time great solo's
  4. tridentt150v

    I have the Odyessy PC925LMJT in mine [boot mount std]. I have it hooked up to a Braille remote control that isolates the battery for all except the alarm - so I have to reset the clock and climate control when I use the car. The alarm has its own power source. I also wired in a small 2 pin plug above the number plate. I use this to plug in a solar panel lead when the Skyline is not being used. The solar panel is mounted on the carport roof and runs through a Sunergy PR1210L solar regulator. My battery is over 4 years old and still going strong. I think this is not so important in the summer cos warmer temperatures help with the chemical reaction. But in the winter it is essential. BTW, I fabbed up my own battery holder and brackets for this. I also had to change my live lead and the lead from the Braille switch [one in, one out] to the harness etc.
  5. tridentt150v

    get it for Xmas did you Jayce?
  6. tridentt150v

    Gotta ask...GT3067 turbo??? or was that a dyslexic GT3076 [which are/have been more popular]...just to be sure to be sure.
  7. tridentt150v

    One for all the bangers!!!
  8. Just get a Lancer like the other 90% of P platers do!! Cheap[ish] and cheerful. Would eat a N/A Skyline. Save the $$$ for later IMO.
  9. tridentt150v

    Ummm dat Hooper girl!!! Watched it for that!!! They are reforming for Rockin' the Turf btw
  10. tridentt150v

    I usually boil the jug, pour into an old [or yr missus's favourite] coffee mug, throw thermostat in and watch it pop open in the hot water.
  11. Yellow jacket coils are prone to failure, OEM or blue Splitfire are best...…..set your gap to 0.8. But without a programmable ECU or SAFC etc it will go R+R.
  12. tridentt150v

    What is needed is a National Park where handlers can catch and release GTR R33's.….to let them roam free. Somewhere in Central Australia maybe - or should it be a marine sanctuary? We could get the Greens and Greenpeace to use their powers of persuasion to help promote this idea in parliament. Maybe you should set up a charity and a GoFundMe page as a starter?
  13. tridentt150v

    Don't let the name fool you...really good guitar on this track.
  14. tridentt150v

    Try going back to a std BOV...honestly [except for wank factor] they work fine. Lots of people have issues with am BOV's.
  15. tridentt150v

    Taking the CAS out is fine....just mark the cas and the cover so you know where to roughly reset it. You will need a timing light to fine tune it once reinstalled.
  16. tridentt150v

    Cover of King Crimson song [a half decent copy actually] cos its impossible to get KC versions on youtube….they vigorously guard their music and won't let any be shared.
  17. Plastic aero kits sell cars....the motor can be a whipper snipper 2 is cred!!!