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  1. What a dip Sh#t

  2. Luckieee

    I'm A Pewf.

    my numbers 0411789574. txt if you gotta go to the toilet... i have "tendancies"... you know, the ones where glory and hole come together!
  3. Luckieee


    they should get a car and get off the fqn road. dumbshts
  4. yeah im gonna wrap it around a tree.. the only thing im wrapping around is your mom between my legs
  5. Having a high powered vehicle means shit on your p's u dumb gook.. after an hour i get used to the power .. felt like driving my old car again.. why dont you go bum the government up the bum ay? oh sorry for not knowing everything about cars when i was 18. you klowns are so hardcore for knowing it all. clap clap- have a star u dum sht
  6. Yo, im gonna go buy top of the line gearbox oil.. apparantly redline is the best.. but what do i get? I got a pretty stockish gts-t. its cos my gears aren't exactly the smoothest hopefully it will fix it~ Thanks for your help guys eDIT: I WENT TO http://www.redlineoil.com/products_gearlubricants.asp TO READ about gearbox oils.. and on the tab.. theres Synthetic Gear Oils >> Then the tab below it theres Manual Trans Lubricant .. whats the difference o.O"
  7. my car is misfiring [one pop] when im revving high.. what is misfire? and what does it do (do i lose power or anything) And how much to fix this problem?
  8. Warranty til december 9. IN Good condition however theres a crack on the top right of the screen.. (doesnt effect the touch screen) it can be fixed for $100. UNLOCKED other than the crack its in 100% working condition. works great TO BE SPECIFIC THE crack is on the BLACK part of the iphone however the crack has a little line going down the screen a little bit, but doesnt effect the touch screen. the majority of the crack is on the top right [not on the screen] just a little line is on the screen.. however it costs 100 bux to fix.. other than that the iphone works great !!!! im located in melbourne, cbd. call me if ur interested 0411789574.. comes with ipod cable. charger. box. etc. $450, price not negotiable. BTW I FOUND SOMEONE WHO WILL FIX IT FOR $90. 47 Irving Street Footscray (only the GLASS needs to be changed.) its 3G so you don't need to replace the LCD ETC.
  9. yeah the weird thing is i scrape on an angle @ the same entrance @ maccas. but then i went straight into it and didnt scrape lol :S weird
  10. yo i got a low exhaust.. it quite low like my IQ. anyway, is it better to go straight or on an angle???? i know for a fact if the cars lowered in order to not scrape the front bumper bar you gotta go on an angle.. but in my case its an exhaust? you reckon straight or on an angle. i seem to scrape on an angle =\
  11. cars not registered under a licensed driver. its my mom so either way .. i can just change plates
  12. it costs $29.20 for a new set of number plates, guess ill be doing that first thing
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