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    Maybe me? Tootal is my daily to work. And I think I was out and about that day. Look like mine?
  2. OK guys big delay sorry was busy as hell. Even though the room fuse didn't appear blown I swapped it anyway. And problem solved. Is it possible for a fuse to blow higher up where you can't see? I personally have never seen this. I put the old one back in in case it wasn't seated correctly etc and the lights stopped working again. Very odd. So for now I'm calling this one fixed! Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
  3. Thanks for the response. I have tried door and on. Dome still dull. When I swapped back to the old globes they were still dull. The map lights only fit one way and the dome light doesn't power when the wrong way. The LEDs were absolutely bright and perfect. Until they flickered and stayed dull on installation of the 3rd and final led (lhs map light). In case they all got cooked at once I put the boot led into the dome slot as they are the same and I hadn't installed the boot one yet. And they were still dull. Only thing left is to swap the "room" fuse. As you said. Cheap and easy to do. I'll report back once that is done. CHEERS!
  4. Sorry for the delay but all the obvious stuff like switching, removing, replacing etc has all been tried. Is it possible a fuse is bad. Even though it looks in tact could it still be "bad"? Thanks
  5. OK took the LED's out one by one and put them back in in different orders etc still no good. Same symptoms. I then put in the spare dome / boot LED that hasn't been taken out of the box yet to see if perhaps I just buggered all the LEDs at once and the fresh globe is still ultra dull like the rest. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Ok, Didn't actually have a chance this morning, however i noticed all my radio stations had been reset. Could this be a result of what happened, or because i pulled the fuse out? Thanks.
  7. Hi. Thanks for the reply. They are 12v designed as a direct replacement. I did start the car to see if the brightness returned but to no avail. I have swapped and removed the map light but not the dome.I'm well aware that these should have bugger all draw. That's why I'm surprised! My concern is more that it was fine with 2. On my attempt of the third globe it made everything dull. Even after removing the third globe again. Like I'd caused damage (why I thought fuse) Will do it in the morning and advise. Appreciate it!
  8. Hi all, I just ordered replacement globe kit for the interior of my R33 - it comes with boot, dome, and both map light globes in LED. Put the dome in no issue, nice and bright all is well. Put the drivers side map light in, (pain in the butt to be honest, big hand tiny space etc) all good nice and bright. as i place the passenger side one in, I think I half pressed the button with a knuckle, and then all of a sudden the dome light went to about 1/10 brightness. I tried the already installed drivers side map light and same thing 1/10 what it was. I finally got the other globe in. And this is what i get: - When one map light is on (1/10 brightness) and I switch the other one on, the brightness drops even further - I can toggle between left and right sides, and no matter which way i do it, 2 on gives less output than an individual one on. - When the dome light is on NEITHER map light powers on at all. First thing i thought was fuse, even though I figured they shouldn't work AT ALL if i blew a fuse but i thought I would check anyway. I have only check the ones under the steering wheel so far (electrics - both, and room) they seem intact (the little loop between the 2 sides of the fuse was in tact so that would mean it hasn't blown? - please correct if wrong) Have any of you guys n gals seen this before? Please Help!! Thanks in advance for your time! Tys
  9. Yeah That's my thought. As it is back again., You haven't seen a gauge go before? Or begin to show signs of going by flickering? Couldn't check last night as it was raining heavily.
  10. Thanks heaps for the assist. Ill have a check under there tonight. Although funnily enough the trip to work this morning has has no flicker... this is after it constantly doing it the last fortnight. *sigh* Ill still check though.
  11. Ah understood. Agreed, not possible to fluctuate that fast. So where is the sensor located for the gauge? - forgive my ignorance. THanks!
  12. Thanks for the Reply. This is on idle. It doesn't fluctuate while driving either. As far as I know I put everything back exactly as I took it off during my swapping of coils to diagnose. Seemed pretty simple. Unplug loom, remove bolts, take out bracket things holding 3, *fiddle*, REVERSE prior method to put back on. I don't recall taking off or see an earth near the back of the coilpack - however i wasn't looking for one. I would perhaps have thought it not to be a temp sensor as that would mess with my tune too right? I know when my engine is cold the boost is limited and a few other things for safety (tried merging into traffic on a cold engine to nearly faceplant the dashboard many a time). Surely while giving it a bit of boost, while the sensor is reporting "hotcoldhotcoldhotcold" would cause it hiccup and cut and do all sorts of funny things?
  13. Hey Guys, Has any one seen this before? http://youtu.be/3gHCvWREjIM It has only started a couple weeks ago. I was fiddling with coils as one was suspect (turns out it was gone - splitfire too annoyingly - bought a replacement splitfire and all is now well) Perhaps I bumped something while replacing the the coil? Is it likely to be a gauge fault? Everything runs fine otherwise, the UPPER limit of the flicker is always my accurate temp. So in the vid the temp is normal, and the car has warmed up. Any advice guys? Thanks in advance. - Tys
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