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  1. that beast looks hard as nails, like McDonalds I am so loving it. ;p
  2. naw I really don't watch much tv at all. other than when I am hanging out w/ my pops. Time is mostly filled w/ school work for my associates, work and a little sleep. Maybe once a week I have about 2 hrs to go to local car meets. but imo murdered out cars are def where it is at. well that is until one of your x roommates friends doesn't see your car under a street light and accidently rubs against the drivers side 1/4 panel. lol
  3. Yeha the windows are getting real tint, not the vht. I might do a lot of Janky things but that is not one of them
  4. using vht night shade 10.00 usd a can here ya do a light coat let it dry / cure and wet sand w/ a 1500 grit sand paper. suggestion I wouldn't go more than 3 coats. for it gets stupid dark. That is unless you are planning to replace every exterior bulb on the car w/ LEDS then it might be ok to go more than 3. It's illegal here in the US too, but I am planning on using vht on every light housing on my s13 including headlights and instrument cluster. as well tint all the windows. ;p I like that murdered out look. ^ needs about 2 more inches lower. ;p
  5. 10.00 mate all day long. Oh and pull that nasty tweed off the glove box and doors. you will thank me later.
  6. should have clarified. i usually do timing on my cars around 60,000 reason: i run the piss out of them. highway runs country side twistie's and if i ever get a chance tracks.
  7. words from someone that has just about every type of coilover. IMHO HKS seam to have the best al around performance.
  8. theres a good book thats been out for sometime. It's called: Maximum Boost by: Corky Bell. Might be a good thing for some off ya to read this. Guy breaks stuph down from the mid 70's to current day.
  9. that would be some ish how ever dont sleep on the turbo 2.3. things can handle 30 psi of boost make ruffly 450 hp. and considering the locker rears they have. things will always be a bit hair raising.
  10. if sleeper on 9 psi made 311whp whats 25 psi gonna make? besides broken trannies?
  11. hmmm the only other thing i can think of is to look over the car really good. look for any signs of chassis damage from hitting the gutter. like you have seemed to cover everything else.
  12. Sounds like you bent a rim to me. Here in the US we have shit roads. so bent rims is a sad and common thing. ~skott b
  13. hi there, Working in an auto parts store as well working side jobsas well as on my own vehicle's i never play the how many miles game. Rather better safe than sorry. good luck, ~skott
  14. IMHO, there's better platforms than the Z32 PRO's Sexy You can use UBER Data to tune it. "also used for honda'' Poss motor swaps: RB's, SB 350ci or BB 400ci CON's royal PITA to work on. take's to much damn cash to make fast. Even after being built, a beast honda or strong SR/KA S13 will roll on it. Good luck finding one that isn't beat or owner wants first born for.
  15. To my knowledge theres an adapter plate so us low budget people can use a VG trans on a KA. So it might be somethng as simple as that or changing bell housings. the only person i can think of that would know this answer would be the guys at z fever. right before i left folrida one of the employee's where caging the front of an old 280z So he would be able to able the AWD train from an R34. http://www.zfever.com/ just called them for ya and and they are saing that the inturnals and gearing is just about the same in the from the VG to the RB25 trans and its not even cost effective to go to a VG. ~skott
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