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  1. Oh, you mean like the 500hp Alcon braked GTR that spun in front of me?
  2. Hi crew. Thought you might enjoy some vid from last weekend's tuning day at Barbagallo raceway. Standard R31 SVD GTS1 on a wet track, with a GTR and Silvia providing some spin... Love my old 31.....
  3. I'm looking to upgrade the stock radiator in my R32 GTR. Nothing wrong with it but want the piece of mind for the track work I do. Car makes 400hp. Anyone wish to share their experiences with direct replacement Koyo or PWR radiators? Any info appreciated.
  4. Hi all. Have any of you heard of a wheel alignment causing a brake vibration? (R32 GTR) I never noticed it before I had the wheels aligned. Does it with two separate sets of wheels. Only occurs while braking, can even feel it with light modulation at slow speeds. No perceptable vibrations under other circumstances. I'm suspecting warped rotors (DBA4000's 324mm F + stock 297mm R) because the car is tracked, but like I said, never noticed it before the alignment. And didn't do it after previous track outing either. Any feedback appreciated.
  5. Tuk R31 & R32

    Tuk's Skylines

    Here's some pics of my cars and a couple of pics of my mum's car. Yes my mum. She's cool. Don't care what you say. So there
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