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  1. Johnny grannying your car around is the obvious cause.
  2. I used both Amayama and Kudos with my rebuild but when push comes to shove Kudos can fulfill orders a lot quicker with better communication than Amayama in my experience.
  3. I just moved the cannister over to the power steering reservoir and clamped it to the bracket there. ps. I indicate a turn by turning the wipers on.....no one seems to mind.
  4. Have Nistune sorted out a consistent reliable solution for R33 GTS-t's?
  5. I will be gentle. I humbly suggest buying any decent standalone ecu instead.
  6. Have you pressure tested the intake? I just skimmed and didn't see if you have done it.
  7. It's easier to buy a Hyundai Excel but if you want to get the best result the first time then you have to buy the right gear.
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