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  1. Sure can, done! And I missed the earlier replies... sorry all Ben do you still want yours done? Gza36 - if you're still interested send me a PM and I'll have a look
  2. Hi Terry, Unbelievably, GTR-N1 was available - it's yours now Cheers Marc
  3. Hi Ricky, I've re-sent the validation email. Cheers Marc
  4. Hi Ricky According to the database, your friend has recently changed email addresses but has not clicked on the validation link in the system-generated confirmation email (ie, to confirm that the email address they entered is valid). Please ask your friend to check his/her email inbox, junk folder etc for an email from SAU and follow the instructions in it. I have just re-sent it in case it didn't make it the first time. Hopefully this sorts them out, if not let us know. Cheers Marc
  5. Both done! Leon - have a look in the Store
  6. Arkan - this is the name change thread Easiest thing to do is for you to open your manual conversion thread and then click Report Post - that will notify the mods in the Victoria section that you would like them to have a look at it, they will decide whether it's appropriate to close or delete the thread. I've already done this for you this time around, just letting you know the option is there.
  7. Hi Arkan, the comment above still stands. I'm more than happy to help you merge your two accounts - just need you to log into the other one and send me a message to confirm it is indeed yours.
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