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  1. anyone?? Will pick up and return, will even rent for a price? Just really need one to clear a defect!
  2. Hey Guys, need to pass a defect, got everything except for a snorkel. anyone willing to let me borrow a R34 GT-T snorker for a day, let me know if you guys can help Greatly appreciated
  3. Hello, I'm after the snorklel piece for an R34 GTT (GT Model is different) Please PM Me
  4. Hey Guys, Add me if you guys want to verse in Street Fighter, ID is "rj34gtt", i come on around 7pm>onwards..Most of the nights..
  5. Hey Guys, Thanks for you replies, im based in Leumeah, Campbelltown.. So who ever is closest by, i can borrow of, What i'll do is i'll book my inspection and then borrow it, that way i don't take have for too long... This is very helpful guys, Thanks Alot!!
  6. Hey Guys, Just wondering if there was anybody willing to lend me their Factory R34 GTT Airbox to clear up a defect, i will be willing to paying $50.00 just for the rental, i will do all the labour.. You help will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Car: Nissan R34 GT-t Location of Defect: Campbelltown List of Defects: Exhaust and Air Filter Reason for being stopped: Took a short cut through a parking lot which had a Mazda Group Cruise resting through there, but stopped me instead. Type of defect e.g minor, major grounded etc: Minor
  8. Hey, Would this be available around 15 - 18, And would the cost still be the same??
  9. Anyone got an R34 Airbox they are now willing to sell, Will to fork out reasonable amount of money, PM me with an offer. If you have one in Melbourne i will be glad to pick it up as i will be there next week, if not i will pay for P&H. Thanks
  10. hello, I will be willing to pay $100.00 if you are willing to post to Sydney by this week? That provided you still have it?
  11. Just a question, regarding the top, i understand that it is easy to fit a Turbo 34 Airbox in an N/A but what about vice versa, problem is its been very difficult for me to source one and the only ones that appear to be available are the N/A ones, My one was thrown out by my Father in Law (I'm pretty sure he threw it out!!), so now i need one to clear my defect. Has anyone done this before???
  12. Hey Guys, thought i would bump it up as it is still required, PM me and let me know price, With or without is snorkel is fine.
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