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  1. sneakey pete

    There's literally an entire RB30 sub section to this section
  2. sneakey pete

    Id point out that the lowest Km rating there is 250000kms or so. Eg for any of us there is going to be no discernible difference if you run any of those tip speeds. Also doesn't specify ow they get a km rating, eg is that turbo full boost all the time at a high speed or an 'average use case' km?
  3. sneakey pete

    Nah, won't be hate. Just subtle passive aggressiveness from the EFR master race...
  4. sneakey pete

    I've had it suggested to me that a 74GC393 would do the trick, i'm just trying to get my head around if i need to do more than just give it 5v power, ground, the signal and then take the signal from the 3rd output and send that straight to the ECU, or if I need some other kind of input to it aswell? edit: so it seems i need to give it a a 'reset input' (pin 2), would i be correc that that's just another 5v input?
  5. sneakey pete

    Yes, though you may sacrifice a useful analouge input to make it work. and its an extra box. Someone suggested using a Binary Counter to just divide it b 8, which brings it to a decent usable range (current max speed is 3700hz), i'm still trying to wrap my head around that one but it actually seems like a pretty simple and easy way to do it.
  6. sneakey pete

    i know i'm just jumping on the peer pressure train. I'd say its worth it but it does depend what you want to do with the car. lot of drag boys dont bother. V band is nice but how often do you really take your turbo off the manifold? Just make sure you get a quality gasket and studs etc. and you wont have any dramas
  7. sneakey pete

    If the only reason you're not getting a non HKS turbo is because you don't want to fab a new dump... Get a non HKS turbo!
  8. sneakey pete

    don't forget GST.
  9. so you don't need -10 fuel lines with twin dual entry rails for 400awkw on E85 then? 😛
  10. sneakey pete

    For those with no soldering iron experience this should do the trick Though its an analogue input not a digital one so plan accordingly
  11. Fixed that for you Mate of mine is doing a 26 7670 build should be running in the next few months, will be interesting seeing how it goes compared to my 8374. Can't say i'm 100% convinced its the better option for pure street duties, though wouldn't go a 7670 for the track etc.
  12. sneakey pete

    Completely changed setup so its hard to say how much that part made but its pretty great.
  13. sneakey pete

    spool 79mm here. Did have issues with oil squirter clearances though unsure if it was specific to the 79mm or just a general issue, ordered kit through the engine builder so wasn't too involved but also was their responsibility to fix so that was a win. Apart from that its pretty damn good, though presumably will wear out faster than a 77.7 etc.
  14. sneakey pete

    That kit only has a single fitting for feed. Y pipe is in the tank. If, for some reason, you must have a twin feed rail (see topic on that from a few days ago also) run a -8 feed and Y pipe it into -6 in the bay.
  15. sneakey pete

    Proper way to do it would be to run hard lines TBH, less risk with debris strikes from under the car. Though as said I was lazy and it turned out pretty damn good so i wasn't too worried. Given the guy with the same turbos is only making 437kw i'd say -8's not needed in this case. people have made 400kw on stock lines with E85 and -6 is something like 50% bigger compared to that