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  1. Make sure its wired with big enough wiring to suit, we recorded up to 60A draw from it at high loads.
  2. Out of interest, what RPM does everyone set theirs to? I can't actually recall ever finding out what the factory setting is and subtracting 25% from it. Need to set it up on mine properly, currently rely on the 'don't get on it with the ac on' method
  3. Pretty sure the older style ones have inbuilt controls that have a sort of boot up cycle so pulsing the input to them is actually counter productive. Newer ones with actual CANbus input are available but as said there's no info about their control systems.
  4. ID1000's will not outflow a single -6 line, though i presume with Nitros you'll be upgrading injectors? -6 can feed my 1300cc's with no issues.
  5. See post from September last year in the EFR thread about my encounter with this issue... It is worth noting that I did do a PB at QR with the issue also. turbo was to the point where you could move it a few mm at that point. drove home too with no issues
  6. 9.5 with 98 is possible, as the OP said he's done it, i've also done it. 260*11 cams probably helps. but also its not making anywhere near the maximum possible power for the setup on 98 either. Honestly, i'd question how often you'd actually need the ability to run 98 on it, and if its worth actually worrying about? just turn the boost waaay down for 98, and go for gold with 10:1 would be my strategy, though its still an interesting question to hear answers on.
  7. Will see what the tuner says then i guess. Or turn the boost up to 30psi...
  8. I just want milk that tastes like real milk. In other news, i'm getting boost spikes with the new tune unfortunately, seems to be more on rapid changes in revs, eg in second or if i lift off and the get back on it in 3rd/4th. This is using the 4 port with 14psi springs in an IWG 75. Will have to head back to the tuner I suppose. that being said I do have the 1.05 rear housing chilling out in the shed still that i got with the replacement core...
  9. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life...
  10. That one looks like a custom Jobbie, best bet is probably to take the end cap assembly down to a machine shop and get them to make a similar space/W provision like pictured there
  11. Don't think you'd be at a power level where a 76mm plazmaman would be overwhelmed, didn't have any IAT issues with mine doing 700 to the hubs last month. Might make packaging and purchase price a bit nicer
  12. The difficulty of this is that the sensor itself uses a less common thread (ie not NPT) given it was a custom large order at the time in japan in the 90s.. all good no worries. Nowdays not so easy to find anything that works on a one off basis. If you do find something that has the right cutoff range, then you need to make it fit which requires adapters/fittings and possible remote mount etc which also means new wiring. Not an easy task unfortunately. At the end of the day its still currently easy enough to buy a second hand pump for a few hundred and hope it doesn't fail. eventually they will become to expensive and then it'll be better to come up with a custom new solution. Also I have a suspicion excessive cycling from failed n2 canisters may accelerate the failure
  13. got time to do a 2000-5000rpm pull in 4th on a flat road. B0ost is all there by 4000rpm. took 5.5 seconds to go from 2000 to 4000rpm and just over 1 to go the next 1000. She's rapid. Very happy with that.
  14. This happened. Mainline Hub dyno so subtract what, 15% to the power? Pretty happy with it, probably another 5psi of boost to throw in once I get the speed sensor sorted and can have a bit of an idea of what its doing. Apparently the trail off at the end isn't the boost control at full duty cycle etc either, so its not any limit with the gate itself. but as it is i'm not fussed as its probably helpful with turbo speed If i get time before i go back to work i'll get some logs from some road pulls.
  15. gearbox changes the ratios which changes the torque delivered, this doesn't effect the turbo response however. 8374 should do fine for what you want.
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