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  1. Hi All I have a Apexi PowerFC with Hand Controller for sale for $800. The PowerFC is the normal (i.e. L-Jetro/AFM) model and suits both R32 and R33 GT-Rs. It is a second generation model (more details on model variants can be found here). This is the ultimate in 'set and forget' engine management. I have been running this unit in my R32 for over five years without a single issue. I only swapped out the PowerFC because I decided to go for a slightly bigger build without AFMs. The current map is good for 262kW (see photo). As per the attached pictures, I have retained all of the original documentation, manuals and warranty cards. I even have the original (unused) velcro strips for it! The Hand Controller has never been used and is essentially brand new. I am located in the ACT, but am happy to post. You can get a cost estimate at the Australia Post website (the package is 0.9kg and 22cm x 18cm x 9cm). By way of example, to Sydney (2000) is $25.70 with insurance. Happy to answer any questions. Kind Regards, Lucien.
  2. Pete If there is a spare set, I'm in. Just PM me payment details. Cheers Lucien
  3. A very useful guide. Thanks. I would add a few things having just tried to install an Alpine deck into my R32 GT-R Contrary to what Aerpro may claim, their harness system is not plug and play. I found that I need to move at least one of the pins on the Aerpro Nissan harness and a number of things were missing from Aerpro's Alpine harness. I needed a crimping tool and some plugs to connect a few wires (12v battery line and the 12v antenna from memory). I ended up buying a third spare harness that I cut apart for the pins. It would have been simpler to just wire it straight in, but I do like the convenience of being able to unplug the new head unit easily (and being able to stick the original back in if I need to). For what its worth, I found that the Install Doctor wiring guide linked earlier had all the pin placements right, but some of the wire colours wrong. The other irritation is that my Alpine unit is ever so slightly smaller than the OEM unit, so there is now a small gap between the cluster surround and the headunit. Has anyone found a solution for this? I searched the forums and the only decent suggestion was some black foam. Has anyone tried DIN spacers like so?: http://www.dnaaudio.com.au/dtr-600-din-trim-rings-set-of-4 Thanks again for the guide.
  4. Thanks for that; very kind of you. You're right, its a terrible intersection (surprising they haven't put a roundabout in, given its Canberra!). Sadly, someone tried (unsuccesfully) to steal my car that evening. Sigh.
  5. Also interested in any spares. The auto email notification crapped out on me so I didn't see that this had been finalised.
  6. A very interesting thread. Being a complete suspension luddite, I am attracted to 'suspension packages' as I wouldn't have a clue where to start if I want to spec/order individual components. Sadly it seems like SK's packages were not all the seemed to be. The Elite Racing package linked earlier in the thread is appealing, but from what I understand people are saying the king springs in that package are not the best? Are there any other suspension packages of note for an R32 GT-R, or should I just go to somewhere like Heasman's and have them put together something? Lucien.
  7. Time to resurrect. So the battery in my R32 GT-R is dying. I'm trying to buy a direct fit replacement, but none of the local battery companies list an R32 GT-R in the product guides. Does anyone know the specifications required for the R32 GT-R, or can recommend a couple of drop in replacements? Cheers, Lucien.
  8. Thanks Richard. That's awful: my current windows and seals are fine, the seals just look a bit crappy because they have lost their shine in patches.
  9. Hmmm. I spoke to Nissan and they said that they couldn't order just the seals, and I would have to buy the window kit (about $480 a pop). Urgh. Anybody have any ideas?
  10. Hi Duncan Apparently they come in a kit according to Louie @ Xclusive Colours. Thanks for trying I might just ring Hornsby Nissan and ask them to search. Wish I had FAST on this machine
  11. Hi All I'm currently away from my normal PC so I don't have access to FAST and would really appreciate a hand tracking down some part numbers. Car details (sorry, don't have access to the car so no VIN number): R32 GT-R 1989 Gunmetal Grey (KH2) I'm after the parts codes for the rubber seal kit for both 3/4 windows. Cheers, Lucien.
  12. Great thanks. Just need to wait for my tax return to come through. Given I have some Noltec replacement sub-frame bushes, I assume there would be no gain from pineapples? Cheers, Lucien
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