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  1. Aberax

    It was good to meet you and have a chat. I hope all went well for you and your father today.
  2. Aberax

    Depending on how bad about $150-200 each
  3. Aberax

    You can leave it at my place if you want for a few days.
  4. Aberax

    I am going to the Dinner and Show and Shine. I'll also be at Collingrove just to watch.
  5. Aberax

    Ahhh, so you were there. I thought I saw someone that looked like you walking around Spikes stand later in the day, I would have come to say hello, but I was busy sitting down at the Information Booth thingo. I spotted Rob (Panzer), Martin (HOSTILE), Luke (Luke_ENR34), and Nathan (Nathan1066), Shane (RBWARE), and Pete (SLED), oh, and Matty T.
  6. Aberax

    I don't think there is any difference between the RB25 and RB26 CAS, the only differences I am aware of is that the R32 and R33 use the Alloy type, until maybe late R33 when they started testing the Neo Gear, and then the Plastic CAS that is on the Neo engines.
  7. Aberax

    Which CAS do you need? The Alloy type or the Neo Plastic type? I should have my older Alloy one kicking around somewhere
  8. Aberax

    Got mine today, Thanks Dave EDIT: Just fitted them too, took about 10-15 minutes with a 10mm and 12mm Socket, they work really well. Really happy with them, Thanks again Dave
  9. Aberax

    Spotted Andrew (Nightcrawler) heading North on Main North Road at about 9am.
  10. Aberax

    Spotted a White Stagea in my work carpark today with the owner asking who the SAU Member was, It was me and I was at lunch
  11. Aberax

    I use HPIAB, been going there for years, I highly recommend Morrie.
  12. Aberax

    Thats the guy, had my crank reground there as it was slightly out of whack when I did my rebuild.
  13. Aberax

    Rhemac or Lewis Engines. There is also a crank grinding place off of main north road at prospect.
  14. Aberax

    For it to be legal it has to be 100% plumb back, ie the air coming from the BOV has to go back into the intake before the turbo. However the Police may still pick on it for not being a the Factory fitted item.