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  1. When i was upgrading i used a Wolf 550 ecu as my local tuner is very experienced with this type of ecu i was able to do all the work to my car at home and plug in ecu as it was a direct plug in. I contacted Wolf told the the mods and they sent me a setup to load into ecu so i could drive my car to to tuner safely the other reason i got the Wolf was its an Australian company with a life time warranty and i upgraded from the series 4 wolf to the 550 unit. I would suggest you check your local tuner and find out which ecu he is most experienced with tuning your car and purchase that one but beware its going to lighten your pocket and wallet a fair bit but its the only safe way unless you like giving your money away. My gtst rb25 makes 353kw 473hp at rear wheels using BP 98 ron fuel and has done this for the past 7 years with no problem
  2. Also make sure they didnt mix up your fuel pressure return pipes mixed up
  3. Hi i had similar problem backfiring and knock sensor showing problems turned out my coil packs were mostly stuffed try firing up the engine with the coil cover removed and look at the coil packs with the engine running at night with no light and see if your coilpacks are are shorting to the engine mine were like a mini lightning show shorting out every where new coil packs and plugs gapped to 0.8mm and cured my problem is your car a series 1 or 2 if series 1 could also be an igniter prob your boosting prob could be the hose on the high /low boost controller hope this helps
  4. You may have split the clutch fork arm at the pivot ball area happened to mine when i first upgraded to a higher rated pressure plate. Replaced it with an aftermarket fork arm and pivot ball pin.
  5. Hi i have had Tein Advance Street Coilovers fitted to my car for the last 6 years they are very good not to stiff and mt car rides well and sticks to the road like glue i tried the jap types prior to the Tein,s but found them too hard for our roads in oz Here is a pic showing ride height
  6. sorry i missed the last letter it was a nissan r32 2 litre gtst turbo gearbox that i installed into my holden vk commodore and fitted a 1996 holden vl bearing and syncro rebuild kit into it before fitting it to my commodore. I did however notice that both of those gearboxes were much smaller in size compared with my r33 gtst gearbox which is fitted to my r33gtst
  7. Im sure the r32 gts gearbox is the same gearbox used in the 3ltr holden commodore non turbo model.
  8. I dont use an apexi myself i have had a Wolf for the past 8 years now and was tuned at 473 hp and had it checked 2 years ago and still making 470hp safely and yes i still have the original engine block that the car came of the production line a lot of failures are caused by the driver not the equipment
  9. Its still better than a std ecu everyone has there own choice in the end its only as good as the tuner and his equipment
  10. I wonder how many Skylines still have there original engines in them
  11. Had a bad misfire problem similar to yours turned out to be a bad connection with the wire on my starter motor
  12. You could try and find a cnc machine shop to make a new head from a new alloy billet but i wouldnt like to recieve that quote
  13. You can do what i did send your head to Lewis engines and get it machined to suit your purpose it cost me about $4500.00 and it makes one hell of a difference
  14. Hi i had a similar problem with my first rebuild and it turned out to be camshaft and lifter problem there was too much lift on the cams and the head had not been machined to suit the extra lift causing lifter and cam lobe damage which resulted in the same problem you have i would be checking cam lobes and lifter surfaces for wear and damage incase you have a similar problem.
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