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  1. I have been using the Wolf ecu for the past 6 and a half years without any problems my car is currently tuned at 473hp and it get rid of the air flow meter Australian owned and produced with good backup and lifetime warranty on ecu go to a good tuner and your probs are gone
  2. Purchase the Hardrace upper control arms thats the best solution i tried the others and found them to be rubbish
  3. Im pretty sure your 33 is a series 1.5 series 1 body and series 2 running gear that shape body looks good no need to fit lumpy llooking add on panels and yes definately tein coilovers fmic and open the front bumper like i have on my car. Clutch is up to you as there are so many good ones available. You dont need leads as they are part of the coils that sit right on top of you spark plugs if you do buy coilpacks dont buy thoses cheap ebay ones. Colour up to your own taste i went for Lambo orange myself. Oil for you car should be synthetic oils for engine and transmission. Playing with extra boost allways comes at a cost it is up to you how much your willing to spend. I dont know what you mean by chuck ons. Hereis a pic of my 1995 r33 type m series 1.5 with Lenso rims
  4. Hi im wanting to purchase a set of R33 gtst bolts that connect the front upper control arms to body if there is anyone who have a spare set. Or can tell me what size and thread type they are. thanks Sam
  5. Hi Mark thanks for that ill give them a call gold coast is not far away
  6. Hi im looking for a machine shop who can modify a rb25 head for fitment onto a rb30 in Lismore NSW or South east Qld thanks as i have recently moved to this area and dont know of any local shops that can be trusted
  7. I have a set you mention the best choice I have made all I did extra was to put a heavy duty front sway bar on the car and its perfect you wont be dissapointed
  8. I have a r33 with 350kw and I have tried several coil-overs but finally went with the tein coil-overs with the electronic dampening control and found them very good and you can change the dampening from inside the car much better ride on road and you can stiffen them at the touch of a knob and you can purchase kits for them or send them to fulcrum suspension for repairs if needed.
  9. That's how it should look no oil is a good thing. My catch can is like yours which is a sign of a healthy engine. When my engine was stuffed before it was rebuilt it was filling the catch can every 200kms which turned out to be a couple of cracked pistons.
  10. My std brand new coil paks started misfiring at 15psi 98 fuel ditched them for splitfires and have had no trouble since and I run 23 psi with 98 fuel
  11. Id get rid of the Power FC as your intake will be to restrictive at that power output id get some other ECU that does not require a AFM
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  13. Did you get the right springs for the 9mm lift cams you might possibly getting lifter binding
  14. Drop me you email address and ill send you my old r33 rb25 maps
  15. Hi had a similar problem with my rb30 powered vk commodore like you I replaced the afm and it fixed it for about 6 months and it happened again so I tried a afm from my mate and away it went perfect until I changed it back I fornd I had to restrict the return fuel line to the tank and it ran perfectly again I ended up fitting a tomei external fuel regulator to the vehical witht the same afm and that was about 5 years ago and never had a problem since and im still using the same afm.
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